How to clean and maintain your rug  

It is true that rugs and carpets can collect a lot of dust and dirt which is the main reason people refrain from buying one for their home. Often children develop certain allergies so the rug has to be removed. However, if you take proper care for them, they can last a very long time and not act as a storage for dust and dirt. Few people truly understand just what it takes to keep the rug looking fresh and free of dust. Luckily, we’re here to help and tell you that it is not that difficult to maintain your rug if you follow a few easy steps.

Wipe your feet and vacuum frequently

Doormats exist for a reason and you should use them, especially if you own a rug. They reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home. Vacuum the rug often to prevent the dirt from pilling up. Around two times per week should be enough, but if you have pets and children, you should probably vacuum more frequently. You can also apply a bit of soda on the rug before you vacuum in order to keep the rug smelling fresh. You’ll want to leave the soda to sit for a while before vacuuming.


Don’t wear shoes in the house

Not everyone likes to be pressured to take their shoes off when entering someone else’s home, but if you want to keep your rugs looking good, you might want to warn your guest. Prepare guest slippers and make it a habit!

Deep clean

This is something that should be done two or three times a year, depending on the rug and the traffic in the room. Don’t wait for your carpet to look like it needs deep cleaning, do it beforehand. This isn’t something you should do yourself, instead hire a professional. When searching for a company, give an advantage to those using environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products. Luckily, when it comes to carpet cleaning NYC has a lot of options.


Deal with the stain on time

You want to remove a stain as fast as possible as waiting can only make it worse and harder to clean. If you forgot to deal with the stain on time, you might need to get an aggressive stain removal product while making sure to buy the one that is compatible with the material of the rug. If the stain remains there after cleaning, you might want to try with the 3% hydrogen peroxide. However, don’t hesitate to contact the professional for persistent stains.


Your rug might look clean, but it can still be filled with all kinds of bacteria. They are the main culprits for the unpleasant smell which is why you might consider using enzymatic cleaning products that are capable of eliminating, not just masking, odors.


Grooming and rotating

It’s not something many people often do, but you might be surprised just how good your rug can look after it was properly groomed and cleaned. Also, by rotating the rug regularly you prevent them from being unevenly worn out.