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How to Choose the Best Certified Plumber and Plumbing Company


When you need a plumber in a flash, you want a plumber that can be around for you to call no matter what time of day or night that it is. That being said, you also may want to know just how to choose the best, certified plumber and plumbing company. This can be a stressful task in most cases, but companies such as Core Plumbing make it easier by using great customer service, and quality professional service. By the way, Core Plumbing won Angie’s List 2018 Super Service Award for their outstanding service.

What is Angie’s List Super Service Award?

On a yearly basis, based on reviews that a company receives, Angie’s List grants top-notch companies like Core Plumbing the right to show off their badge on their website, as well as have the logo and star identifiers on the Angie’s List Page (one of the top service awards there are on the site)

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Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Certified Plumber

Well, of course, you want them to be a certified, licensed contractor. If they aren’t, you may end up getting shoddy work, or none at all. Some plumbers who aren’t legit have even been known to steal your copper and leave jobs unfinished. If you have such problems visit which will help you address any plumbing concerns that may cause additional damage and expense

  • Ask to see your contractor’s state license. If they don’t have one, don’t hire them.
  • Don’t go for hourly rates. Always check project prices, cost of materials, and more. Find out all hidden charges they may charge.
  • Be sure that they’re not going to work holidays, overtime, or even double time, because their rates may be higher.
  • Find out what type of tools and fixtures, fittings, and pipes they use. Research them and make sure that your plumber is going to use quality parts by checking out Popular Reviews where you find a wide range of products analyzed and compared, even specialty tools like head gasket sealers and sealants that you could use on your own for quick fixes.
  • Check to see if you can buy your own parts. You may save money. Some plumbers don’t allow this for security and insurance reasons though.
  • Find out how many parts and fixtures you’re going to need for your project.
  • Find out other tools they use. See what other services they offer. If they offer too many services, they may not have the experience in plumbing you need.
  • Ask how many projects like the one you need they have completed. Don’t hire them if they don’t have much experience. And don’t believe them just because they say a lot. You can ask for proof from
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When it comes to hiring the right plumbing company for the job, you want to know how to do it right. Hopefully, we’ve covered that enough in this article. By choosing the best-certified plumber in your area, you can definitely count on them. Companies like Core Plumbing are a great start because they’ve earned a high reputation on many different sites, from Yelp, to Angie’s List, and even on Google. You want a company that is a leader in its field, not a company that is just starting up, or one that doesn’t put their customers first and is only wanting to put a dime in their pocket.


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