How to Choose Plus Size Dresses That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Every woman loves a pretty dress when they see one. They love the prospect of wearing something that is much different from their everyday wear. However, not every woman feels comfortable wearing a dress since it has a bit of a “look at me” feel. Some women don’t want to be noticed, and some relish the opportunity. For those who don’t want to be noticed, maybe it’s because of their plus size body. No one should feel ashamed of their body, quite the opposite, every woman should be in love with their body. It’s a crucial part of you, one that holds no shame.

So because of that, we are going to tell you how to choose plus size dresses that will make you look gorgeous in them.

1. Plus Size Dresses Were Popular In The Past

Women were much more appreciated in the past if they had little more weight, more so than in today’s times. When looking at plus size dresses, the only examples we truly have to look at are those from the past. Plus size women were considered more beautiful in those times, and they certainly rocked dresses back then. They were the main talking point in their pretty cocktail dresses during high nobility parties. More so, these women are found in many paintings from the past and it just proves that there is nothing to be ashamed of having a plus size body.

2. Types of Plus Size Dress Choices

When shopping for a plus size dress, there are some specific styles you need to look up for that are designed for plus size women.

•  A-Line Dress:

The classic A-Line dress is one of the most common types of plus size dresses that tucks in at the waist and gently tappers on all the way down.  A-Line dresses can be worn by all body types and not just plus size.

•  Pintuck Dress:

Pintuck dresses are modified A-Line dresses and are extremely trendy right now. They make you look beautiful and unlike A- Line’s they feature a flowing skirt giving you flirty look.

•  Wrap Dress:

Wrap dresses, or faux wrap dresses, is a type of dress mostly compatible with plus size body types. This is because it can adjust to your curves very well. It’s important to mention that wrap dresses can be worn by any body type.

•  Maxi Dress:

Maxi dresses can give plus size women an excellent look if the style is perfectly chosen. In order for maxi dresses to work for you, you must maintain a defined waist and avoid loose ends. An open neckline is preferable because it will help offset the length of the dress, as well as, a split on the side to break up the bulk of the dress.

•    Shark Bite Dress:

These types of dresses involve an asymmetrical hemline that will flatter a big girl. The dress itself creates a diagonal line, which will make plus size women look less big and more attractive.

•  Con Dress:

These dresses are very tight and can be mostly recognized by another name, bar dresses. These dresses are designed for evening events and will make a woman look stunning in it. However, one thing to understand is that these dresses can reveal a lot and are usually appropriate for women in their early to late twenties.

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