How To Choose A Replacement AC Adapter For Your Laptop

If you work in an office or you are student chances are laptop is a staple in your daily routine. The laptop is more convenient than a desktop PC as it is easier to transport and carry wherever you go, and it has all the functions that a regular PC has as well. Now, a laptop usually has its own power supply that is in the form of a battery but it can run for only a few hours before it needs to be recharged. That is where chargers and adapters come into place.

Once you buy a laptop you will be getting the adequate adapter that will serve its purpose. Still, over the course of time chances are your adapter might need to be replaced and it isn’t as simple as you think. You will usually find an adequate ac adapter on the website of your laptop manufacturer, in a retail shop or at a wholesale place. If you want that your laptop keeps on running, you will have to buy the right ac adapter and not make of getting the one that doesn’t have the required voltage or connector type. Here are few tips on what to look for when buying a replacement AC adapter for your laptop!


Tips On Buying A Replacement AC Adapter

1. First and foremost a thing that you need to know is that laptops run on direct current. On the other hand wall outlets usually use alternate current, and that is why you need an AC adapter that will transform the current provided by the wall outlet into the DC that laptop runs on.

2. One of the main factors you need to look at is the voltage that a laptop AC adapter has. You should know that the voltage that a laptop requires needs to match the one that the AC adapter has. Voltage is what pulls energy into your laptop and lets it run the way it should. If you get an adapter that has a lower voltage your computer will not have enough energy to run on, while if it has a higher voltage, you will be putting laptop’s circuits at risk. If this is the case, you are risking your whole laptop at a price of buying a wrong AC adapter.

3. On the other hand, amperage is the amount of energy that a laptop uses at any single time. Unlike the case with voltage amperage in a laptop AC adapter can slightly differ from the one required by a laptop. When we are saying it can differ, we mean that it can exceed the requirements. If amperage is lower than required your laptop will not have enough potential energy to run on.

4. Last but not least are the laptop AC adapter connectors. The most common ones are cylindrical but there are cases where a connector can be a lock, USB or Molex type. That is why you should make sure that the one you are buying has the right connector, and if the brand of your laptop makes specialized ones you will have to buy the replacement adapter from an official provider. There is an option to get a universal AC adapter (if it fits other requirements) and get a set of different connectors that you will be able to switch according to your needs.



If you are in need to buy a new laptop AC adapter, don’t rush and be sure to check and figure out the requirements that need comply. In case you get the adapter with a wrong voltage or amperage you are risking your whole laptop – that is doing your research and consulting is a must!