How to Buy the Best Suit

When we think about suits, the first person that comes to mind is the legendary Steve Harvey and his appearances on Family Feud. It would seem that Steve Harvey never wears a suit twice; such is the status of the man that he doesn’t need to. He is considered an icon amongst men who enjoy the fine fashion of suits.

Only few can match his style and posture while wearing a suit, and in this article, we are going to tell you exactly how to do it.

Consider the Occasion

Buying a suit can be a tricky thing, and the occasion plays a crucial role in what you buying. You might need a suit designed to accompany you while at work in an office environment. You might need a suit for a wedding, or you might need a suit for other social gatherings. The point remains that the occasion should play a crucial role in the type of suit you’re buying. A wedding suit is much different than an office suit, always have that in mind.

The Fit

Now that you’ve established the occasion for which you need a suit, it’s now time to talk about the most important thing – the fit.

A suit’s ultimate goal is to accentuate your best attributes and hide your flaws, just look at Steve Harvey while on Family Feud. A suit can have a great effect on your appearance, so another keyword here is “proportion”. The best and finest tailors in New York will tell you that the best way to see if a suit “fits” you is to see if you look natural in one. According to, there are many factors that can determine the fit of the wearer such as the shoulders and chest, the height, the waist, the collar, the arms, and the trousers. These are all separate things on their own, and it will take far more than just one article to explain all of them.

The Fabric

The choices of fabric can eighter make you or break you while in a suit. The fabric texture and weight dictate how a suit drapes on the body, while the pattern determines if the suit will flatter you. When considering the fabric, we always take into account the climate. For warmer climates, you always go for super-fine wool, but they can get easily worn out and damaged. Other types of fabric to compensate for the short lifespan of super-fine wool are hopsack or fresco wool, or good old Irish linen.

For the colder climates, sturdier fabric will serve you better such as worsted or flannel. They add more structure to a suit and you should always avoid shiny textures when buying a suit for the autumns and winters.

The Structure

Lining and padding can be added to suits to make them more rigidly structured, much like Steve Harvey wear his suits. The structure of the suit can give a man a lot. In the past, British military dress uniforms were made out of a heavier structure to make the person ramrod straight and endow him with a heroic silhouette. These types of suits were best worn for special occasions, but the heavier structure made them not so favorable for office wear.

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