How to Brush Curly Wigs

Hair maintenance involves many practices, ranging from washing your wig, combing it, conditioning it, and storing it, among other techniques. Proper care techniques will not only make your hair look beautiful but will also help to lengthen its durability. For that reason, this article will teach you how to comb it in the right manner, using the correct tools. You will also get to know why it is essential to brush it, and most importantly, precautions you should take while combing your wig.


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Choosing the Best Hairbrush

Regular hairbrushes and combs are rougher when used on wigs. That is why you need to know different types of combs and pick one, which is best according to your specifications. The three most demandable types are:

  1. a) Wig Comb

Unlike natural hair, a wig is so delicate, and the hairdresser must handle it with gentle care. Due to that fact, it is recommended to use wide toothcombs because they are gentle on the strands of hair, hence making it easier for you to comb through your wig without difficulty nor damaging it.

  1. b) Wig Styling Brush

A paddled one is the best choice for styling your wig. It has rigid looped nylon bristles, which are good at detangling wigs. These bristles have a layer of cushion, which prevents the user from exerting too much tension on the strands, which are usually delicate. Many people love it because it is gentle on all types of fibers, whether human or synthetic.

  1. c) Human Hair Brush

These brushes are to help people comb through human hair extensions. These hairpieces are fragile, and can one can easily damage them. Therefore, when handling these wigs, use the right combs to make it sustain its original look. You should give preference to these brushes over regular brushes because:

  • You can use them on any fiber, for example, whether human or synthetic.
  • They have cushioned bristles, which do not exert too much tension on the strands of hair.
  • Using the right brush makes combing easier.
  • Right hairbrushes aid in even oil distribution throughout the hair.
  • When you couple them with some oil or hair conditioner, they cause insignificant hair breakage.
  • You can use them on any texture, for instance, whether soft or coarse ones.
  • They make styling easier.
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Other Tools You Will Need

You cannot use a comb only to brush your hair. For the process to be a success, you will also need:

  • Clips
  • Mannequin head/ wig stand
  • Hair spray
  • Conditioner
  • Dry shampoo

How to Brush Curly Wigs

Curly wigs have elastic fibers, and if you do not comb those strands using correct techniques, you may end up doing significant damages to them, or even stretching them. For more detailed information about curly wigs, you can visit WigNice.

  1. Start by supporting your wig on a stable platform like a mannequin head or a wig stand, to make the combing process more manageable.
  2. Apply your leave-in conditioner on your palm, and then spread and glide it through your hair tangles to detangle the wig. Alternatively, you can use a wide-toothed comb to slide through the +strands. Conditioners help to reduce the risk of breakage during combing.
  3. Grab a small section and comb it, starting from its tips and heading toward its roots. This technique helps to prevent you from putting a lot of stress by pulling it.
  4. Using your hairclips, you can pin some sections, to avoid mixing up between the combed and uncombed parts.
  5. If you chose to use oil to as a treatment method, spray a dry shampoo after combing it to clean out that hair product.

The curly type tends to dry quickly, hence developing tangles. For that reason, you have the task of moisturizing it. After brushing through the curls, spray some moisturizing products to it to keep the curls bouncy, smooth, and trendy.

Why Should You Brush Your Wig?

Many people know that it is required of them to comb their wigs. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand why you should brush it, so that you can be strict in keeping it in good condition, to maintain its original look. The following are some reasons why you should comb your hairpiece:

  • To get rid of knots and tangle from developing
  • To improve the appearance of your wig
  • To give you a chance to condition and moisturize it to enhance its glossiness
  • To lengthen its stay. Combing it is a way of maintaining it in good condition, hence increasing its durability.
  • To make it easier for you to style your wig.
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Other Hair Care Tips

Combing curly hair is not as easy as it sounds. You have to be vigilant, or else, you may end up destroying the curls, and eventually, damage to your entire expensive wig. While that may be true, follow the simple techniques listed below during brushing.

  1. Do not brush it more or less than the required times. Combing your wig more often may break its strands, and disentangling the hairpiece less often may give way to knots development.
  2. Clean your hairbrush regularly. After using it, wash it to remove dust and to keep it fresh. Reusing a dirty brush will deposit the previous residues of hair products to your wig, making it difficult to style.
  3. Do not comb your hairpiece when it is still wet. Hair fibers tend to be less tight when wet, and may easily fall. However, if need be, take precautions while brushing it.
  4. Condition or oil it before combing to provide a smooth path for your comb to slide through your hair
  5. Comb your wig in the right manner. For example, brush it from the bottom, at its ends, going all the way up. Besides, avoid the wig cap area because the comb may tear it.
  6. Be gentle while combing because the great force has the effect of making it fall.
  7. Use high-quality brushes, which will not generate static charges with your hair strands. To be precise, avoid using cheap plastic combs.

Different hairs have different textures, thickness, and length. Therefore, you need to know and employ the right approaches to combing them without destroying the hair fibers and the wig cap at large.

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