How To Book A Car Park At Luton Airport


When we book airline tickets for a trip we take into account the price of the trip, so booking it in advance is very important. But what happens if we move in the car and we have to leave it in the airport parking lot. If we do not take this aspect into account, the cost of the trip is likely to be increased in such a way that we lose what we have gained by planning the purchase of airline tickets.

Therefore, when we are going to catch a plane, the ideal is to plan where to leave the car parks at Luton airport parking (for example). This will allow us to make use of our vehicle to move to the airport (which means comfort and time control) and be able to return home comfortably when returning from the trip. All this without taking a scare for the pocket, because we have everything previously planned.

Using an online booking portal such as Parkos, we can see all the services proposed by the Luton airport parking or other airport parking and make the reservation of the car parks on the dates and conditions we want.

Aspects To Consider When Booking A Car Park At The Airport:

  • It is important that there is the possibility of making an online reservation of a place in parking at the airport. From a personal computer or any mobile device or tablet, we can access the parking portal and check the availability of dates and the cost of the stay. It is a very comfortable service that allows us to access from anywhere and at any time.
  • A very interesting service is that of car valet service, which allows you to leave the car at the exit terminal, where a parking driver picks you up and takes you directly to the parking lot. With this service, you can further adjust the time of arrival at the airport and reduce the stress caused by any displacement by plane.
  • The price of parking is also important. Not for being low-cost parking means that the quality is low. Nowadays, many car parks offer good parking services at airports, at a very competitive price.
  • The time that the car will remain in the parking lot is also important so it is necessary that the airport parking includes short and long-term rates that allow you to better adjust the cost of the stay.

  • We must take into account the distance at which the parking lot of the departure terminal is located, in order to plan at what time we have to be at the airport.
  • Other services: There are other extra services that may be interesting, such as the option to deliver or not the vehicle keys, airport transfer service, car wash service, choice of parking type (exterior or interior), etc.
  • Security: If the car park has a video surveillance system, 24-hour security staff, a fenced enclosure, etc. we will go on a much quieter trip.

All these services can be found in the parking network of Parkos airports and similar online booking portals, where you can also see user ratings on parking services. In this way, you can get advice from the opinions of other users who have already used different services. Parkos, for example, offer a Luton airport meet and greet car parking service with the help of this booking portal you can easily park and ride.