How Perspective Is Online Gaming?

A thing that parents do not like is seeing their kid sitting there in front of the PC for hours and hours, sometimes even devoting their whole day just to play a game. And it is true that everything should be done in balance, and that online games that have become widely popular all over the world should not take over your life, but rather be a way of relaxation after a hard day of work or school. The fact that people enjoy the most about online gaming is that you can play it in teams, creating live action and competition for hours and hours of time.

Most kids and even some adult people dream of being able to play online games and get money for that. That is possible, but if we are going to speak the truth under 5 percent of people who play online games actually earn a living out of it. You have to be really devoted, talented, rigorous and lucky to become one of them. We are not saying it is impossible, we are just wanting to say that it is not that likely, and recommend you to enjoy the online games in your spare time.

Still, if you think you can make it to the top list and become one of those pro eSports players that earn much more than one can even think of, we are there to give you the facts.

What Are The Most Popular Online Games

New and perspective online games seem to come out every year and attract millions of people. If it is fun, demands skill and has at least a bit of different concept than the previous one people are going to play it.

We can certainly say that when it comes to esports three most popular games are Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike. Competitions all over the world are held throughout the year with the best players earning large sums of money for the pain and effort that they put into preparation to finally win the trophy. Along with these games, it seems like Battle Royale actions like PUBG and Fortnite are slowly taking over the popularity of the previous ones. We will see what next year brings us, but it is certain that the BR concept is becoming a favorite one for millions of people out there. It is important to say that online lottery games are becoming more spread on different websites, with people enthusiastically hoping to become millionaires.

How Much Do Esports Players Earn?

According to the website called top player of the previous 2017 has earned around 2.5 Million USD. An admirable sum for a person that is playing games isn’t it? This just goes and shows how big the market is becoming, and that actually esports threaten even the sports industry when it comes to prize fees and popularity (certainly closing the gap). The wealthiest player that has ever been being Kuro Takhasomi, a Dota 2 player that has an overall salary of 3.5 Million USD in the course of the past few years. The highest paid LoL player is Lee “Faker’’ Sang Hyeok, a man that has grossed almost a million during the past couple of years. As of the players paid by age, the highest-grossing are the ones being 22 years old with 31.5 Million USD overall, and the wealthiest under 18 player is again a Dota 2 player, Sumail Hassan (2015) who has till then grossed 2.7 Million USD.

Now, one would ask how does an esports player earn money? First of all, they earn money by winning tournaments or placing high in the same. The tournament with the biggest prize pool was the international one in Dota 2 – 25 Million USD, with the first place, winning almost 11 Million USD (Team Liquid). Pretty impressive. Along with that, they earn a lot of money through sponsors that are funding their teams (Red Bull, Intel, etc.), as well as regular salaries with an Ember gamer one being 70,000 dollars on average. For other regular players, salaries are at around 2-5 K USD, with the LoL players being able to earn around 15,000 per month, excluding all the other prizes.

In the end, a lot of players go ahead and stream their games, earning money from donations of the excited subscribers and fans. In the end, even coaches, journalists, and broadcasters easily earn tens of thousands a year. And we don’t wont to disregard it, it is a pretty hard and demanding work nevertheless.


Whether you are dreaming of becoming a professional esports player or winning money via an online lottery, be sure to keep a healthy lifestyle and don’t forget about other happenings around you. That way, you are going to be happy, healthy, and possibly very wealthy. Good luck!