How One Canadian Music Manager Competes on the World Stage?

As he gears up for his artists’ upcoming releases, events, and performances, we get a taste of Josh Hermans mindset and how he runs his management company, STRVCTVRE, one of Canada’s best music enterprises.

It’s taken him a long time to get to where he’s at, but he’s done it gradually and 100% by figuring it himself. I’ve been following Josh for a while now and he’s one of the most industrious managers we’ve come across. This guy does everything his way and has impressive management skills, he’s constantly raising the bar on himself. Whether it’s sending out releases, producing beats, or working on his branding and strategy, it’s been privy to witness Josh’s growth over time. He doesn’t have a big team around him, he didn’t start with a massive budget, and he definitely has not been given any shortcuts along the way.

“In the beginning, I started with just a simple concept and now, I’ve come really far. Now artists come up to me from big labels saying they respect my independent organic style of management and I’m very thankful for that. I know if I stay committed, driven and keep my mind in the right space and always look out for my artists, we can attract even more amazing musicians to our team”

Herman says there is a lot of money moves around this business and money often pushes people’s careers further and faster than someone who doesn’t currently have the resources to pump thousands of dollars into their career. He came from humble beginnings and got in the business by booking gigs for local artists. He says he learned to network and get in touch with the right people, and when they saw he was able to deliver and was consistent in doing what he said, word started to go around. Everything I earned I invested back into the business.

And Josh Herman did reinvest, in 2011 he founded STRVCTVRE and he’s built a legacy for himself in representing Canadian artists. He’s put Canadian artist on the map, there is no arguing that. STRVCTVRE manages award-winning artists, DVBBS, Borgeous, and Down with Webster.

These artists have gone platinum and gold multiple times and can be considered the Disruptors in their genre, all thanks to the guidance and management of Herman. In 2016 the Song tsunami produced by Borgeous and DVBBs was recognized all throughout the world.

“I am grateful for what’s happened and feel very confident knowing that I can stand on my own two feet in this cut-throat business. I’ve gotten myself to a level where other artists now Approach me for the skills and connections in the industry”

We asked Herman what his approach is, and what is the recipe to stay at the top? He says that everything starts with your mindset. First, you have to have the drive and desire, you take your life in your own hands And make things work by taking massive action. His process is simple: 1. Desire 2. Choice 3. Action.

All of that starts in your mind, how you look at things. The second thing he says is to Work hard, work harder than everyone else because you have to learn everything you can about the number one music and the business. The information you need to get ahead is a few clicks away, all you need to do is make an effort to find what you need to know. Think smarter and wiser than everyone around you or else you’ll end up like everyone else.

You have to think of creative things you can do that fits with your music artists and you do those things for them so they can relate to their current fans and new fans? He says he refuses to believe that great music will go unnoticed if you’re dedicated and talented and think a little different than everyone else you can have success. All together though he believes it all starts with your mindset you have to know you deserve success and then go get it!

Indeed “organic” is a word that gets thrown around pretty loosely but it can make all the difference between having loyal fans and not. The only way to get organic and real success is to Grow organically and naturally. This means you have to do things organically, in order to get organic success. It’s only right to be building something from the ground up, having an idea, a concept and bringing the right people together to make it happen, that’s exactly what he did.

Investing in your career and yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself, don’t cut yourself short. An organic come up is based completely around the music and the creative work which includes music, photos, graphics, videos, shows, networking and just the art in general.
Everything should be focused on your followers, that’s what makes them stay for the long run, besides the music.

We certainly agree that organic success is being able to naturally link with the right artists and create music and be able to have great tours based off of a fan base created from the ground up. It may take a little longer but it’ll those who listen in and follow you are your true fans.

Herman was recognized as the best Canadian music manager by Youtuber Magazine placing him at number one. Without a say, we think he deserves that spot especially with the fact that He built his management company from the ground up and was able to link up and manage some of the best artists in the EDM genre.

Herman not only has driven, motivation, skill, and talent to expand into a label that competes with the best of them, he also has a humbleness about him that makes people drawn to him. We think a lot of it is attributed to his upbringing and how he was able to build his company from literally nothing.

He has built his reputation by being extremely personable with his musicians and always looking for their best interests, that’s what separates him from the rest of the music managers out there who are in it for a quick buck. Herman actually wants his artist to succeed on a global scale.