How Often Should We Be Washing Our Clothes?

If anything is very important for a person then it is to be always tidy and clean. When we say neat and clean we mean to always be in clean clothes and to think about it in time. When you do this you need to do it regularly and correctly. By proper we mean to do it with the detergent that you like and suits your skin, then use a fabric softener that will give extra freshness to the clothes and wash them at the right temperature. And by regularly we mean to follow your order and pattern in the laundry that you follow. Do you need to do this regularly? Yes. How often should you do this? That remains to be seen.

The frequency of which you do your laundry and wash your clothes depends massively on what it is that you are washing. For instance, those items of clothing that touch your skin, such as bras, socks, and underwear, should be washed much more frequently than those items of clothing that sit on top of other clothes, such as coats, jackets, and jumpers.


Clothing that goes over your intimate parts or anywhere that gets particularly sweaty should be washed after every time that you wear it. This should be because when the clothes are sweaty they can get a bad smell, but they can also lose their color, so they should be washed in time and washed in the appropriate way. The only exception are bras, which can be worn about three or four times before they need washing. If you want to keep these things smelling nice and fresh then it is important to wash them regularly and not to wear them too many times before doing so. That is why it is best to make a scheme according to which you will be guided and which will serve you so that everything is clean and timely washed for you.

Things like underwear and women’s lingerie should only be washed on a delicate cycle using eco friendly washing detergent which can be bought here, or even by hand where possible. Eco-friendly detergents are primarily good for nature, but they are also made from more acceptable ingredients that suit both pieces of clothing and your skin. In order to protect these items of clothing from being sun damaged, always try and dry them out on a dyeing rack inside of your house. Alternatively, you can put them in your dryer or a delicate or low heat cycle.


Everyday items of clothing, such as t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts etc. can all be worn a number of times before they need washing. T-shirts, blouses and sweaters are best worn once or twice because you wear them for at least 5 hours, while pants, jeans and shorts can be worn 5 to 7 times, and if they get an unpleasant odor or if you get them dirty, you need to put them in the laundry immediately. However, if they do get soiled or stained at all then they will need to be washed right away so that a permanent mark is not left on the item of clothing. If the dryer that you use has a steam cycle on it, then this can be used to give a quick refresh to your clothes without having to fully wash them. That way you will refresh, but also disinfect the clothes from any unwanted things that may be on them.

As a rough rule of thumb, you should wash jeans after four to five times of wearing them but it can be up to seven times as we said above, sweatshirts after up to six times of wearing them only if you wear them at shorter intervals, blouses and shirts after one to two times of wearing them, sleepwear after two to three times of wearing them, and gym clothes after one wear, as these are likely to be very sweaty. This scheme will be good to remember and keep in mind when preparing your personal laundry scheme.

Towels and Bed Sheets

You should not use a towel any more than three times before washing it. This is because the more you use the towel, the more dirt can remain on it that you have not been able to completely remove while bathing, so if you use it up to 3 times you can get it dirty enough and put it in the washing machine. As for your bed sheets, these should be cleaned once a week. The bedding should be especially clean because sometimes we are so tired that we just take a quick shower and go to bed. This shower can often be very fast and not thorough, and thus there is a possibility to leave certain impurities on yourself that you can transfer to the bedding. Despite not actually wearing these things, it is nonetheless important to regularly wash them as they do come into close contact with your skin. Also with them absorbing sweat and water, they are a real breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria. For this reason, it is important to wash these on items on a really hot cycle and then dry them on an equally hot cycle. Doing this works to ensure that any bacteria on them are killed off, thus making them super clean. These are segments that must be taken care of so as not to put yourself in a position to deal later with any infections or reactions of bacteria or other microorganisms.

By tracking notice of all the above advice, your clothes will always be clean and fresh, thus keeping away any potentially harmful bacteria and ensuring that you always look good no matter what you have on. So read the tips we are giving you again, consider if you have practiced it so far and if you have not practiced, take everything necessary to start applying these principles and do not forget to make a scheme that will be appropriate. for the cleanliness of your clothes.