How Much Will Car Wreckers Pay For An Exotic Car?

Car wreckers carefully dismantle broken, wrecked, salvaged, and decommissioned vehicles. An auto wrecker company usually consists of highly skilled mechanics buying vehicles unsuitable for driving.

These companies often pay cash for sedans, vans, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles. A car wrecker is also interested in paying fast cash for exotic cars.

An exotic or supercar is an unusual, rare, or limited-model vehicle made of various premium-grade materials. Exotic cars are mostly sold by reputable, high-end automotive brands, such as Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. But how much will car wreckers pay for an exotic car? Read on below to find out more.

Based On Restorable Value


Is your supercar still running? If yes, then that’s a good indicator of a hassle-free restoration. However, if your exotic automobile is no longer running, its restorable value will depend on its components.

An autowrecker usually bases the price of exotic cars on how they handle regular vehicles. More often than not, car wreckers determine the condition of the internal and external components to determine if they are still good for parts sales.

Car owners can hire an experienced auto mechanic to check the engine components and other parts to check their condition. This step can help accurately determine the exotic vehicle’s restorable value.

While supercars are expensive, they occasionally borrow parts from regular vehicles. These components include headlights, climate controls, radio, rear lights, and wheel design. Many buyers and collectors of supercar parts prefer to source original components. And this is when car wreckers and junkyards can help.

If the exotic car’s components are functional, they tend to pay a higher price for the entire vehicle. But if most parts are non-functional, an auto wrecker will only consider its scrap metal value. Learn more about assessing a supercar for its scrap metal value below.

Based On Market Value

An exotic car’s market value differs from the quote of an auto wrecker. Because the supercars that car wreckers usually buy are wrecked or damaged, you can’t expect to obtain the same price as the market value.

It’s essential to determine an exotic car’s market value before selling it to a car wrecker. You can hire an auto appraiser or check credible online resources to find out how much your supercar costs or its fair market value.

Car wreckers usually pay 30% to 50% off an exotic car’s market value through a quick-cash deal. A cash-for-car deal involves buying any vehicle for its ‘as-is’ value. If you’re familiar with home-for-cash deals, the same concept applies to cash-for-car transactions.

The process for a cash-for-car deal is pretty straightforward online. Interested supercar sellers can enter the make and model of their vehicle and obtain a quote within 24 hours. They can accept, negotiate an offer, or decline the offer.

Based On Scrap Metal Value


Car wrecking companies can pay cash for exotic vehicles based on their scrap metal value. Because the materials of exotic cars are premium-grade, they usually have higher scrap metal values than regular vehicles. The price of metal per pound depends on the market demand.

Regular auto manufacturers commonly use steel, aluminum, and other easy-to-source materials to keep the prices of new vehicles more affordable for the public. On the other hand, supercar or exotic automobile manufacturers use rare materials, such as gold, silver, titanium, rhodium, and magnesium. Therefore, these materials make new exotic cars more expensive.

Car wreckers pay more for exotic cars’ materials too. Beware of auto wreckers who give an unfair price for severely wrecked supercars. Research the materials of your supercar and determine their scrap prices to have a good idea of how much money you can make from selling it to a cash buyer or junkyard.

The current price of titanium at the time of writing is USD$0.35 per pound. This scrap metal is often used in aircraft, automobiles, and spacecraft. Pure 24K scrap gold costs USD$56.18 per gram. On the other hand, 18K scrap gold costs USD$42.14 per gram and USD$32.77 per gram for 14K.

Based On Market Demand

Like with other scrapped or junked vehicles, car wreckers base the amount they pay for exotic cars on market demand. Do people still search for the materials and parts of a particular supercar online? If so, the company can pay a higher price for your exotic car. But if the demand is low, you can’t expect your supercar to sell much.

Supercar sellers can check the market demand for parts and materials online. They can list the names of the components or materials and the unit price to know the estimated total cost of the supercar. Furthermore, they can also ask dealers and junkyards in their local area to know the demand for their exotic automobile components.

Based On Expert Advice


Before selling an exotic automobile to a car wrecker, one must get expert advice from an auto mechanic or a vintage car collector.

The automobile owner might want to restore the exotic car and resell it for a higher value to collectors. Supercar collectors can pay a hefty price for super rare, fully restored vehicles. Some collectors can also buy exotic cars in their ‘as-is’ state at a higher price than in junkyards. But before a automobile owner can take this route, it’s crucial to determine how much restoration will cost.

You might want to save yourself from the stress and hassle of restoring your exotic car by selling it to an auto wrecker. If you choose this option, you can obtain a professional inspection report from a qualified mechanic to show the list of functioning and non-functioning components. When you decide to sell your supercar, you can show the list to the auto wrecker to get a higher quote.


Car wreckers base the amount of money they pay for an exotic automobile on its overall condition. One must consider the components’ scrap value, the number of restorable engine parts and accessories, and more. Moreover, one must ensure they are dealing with a trusted auto wrecker in the local area to get the most out of selling the supercar.