How Much Do Interstate Movers Cost in San Diego – 2023 Guide

There is no denying that moving to another home is one of the most stressful processes that you’ll ever have to go through in your life. And, if you’re planning on moving from San Diego to another state, one of the biggest concerns that you might have is probably how much it’ll cost for you to hire interstate movers, which is something that can get quite expensive.

In order for you to learn how much money you’ll need for such services, you should know that there is a wide array of factors that you’ll need to consider. To help you make the entire process less stressful and daunting, let’s take a look at our 2023 guide that’ll breakdown the costs of hiring interstate movers in San Diego:

There Are Several Factors That You Must Consider

Before you can learn how much money you’ll have to spend on hiring a moving company, you should know that there are several factors that could easily influence the price. In most cases, the expenses you’ll have will be based non how long it’ll take for the company to move all your belongings into the truck and drive them to another state, hence, here are the factors that you must consider so that you can determine the price:

1. The Season

Now, you might be wondering – what does the season have to do with the cost of moving? Well, everything. A lot of individuals don’t realize that the date of when they’re planning on moving can influence the rates quite a lot, which is why you must make sure that you choose the right season, especially since this can help you lower the expenses you’ll have. This is why you should avoid moving during peak seasons.

For instance, a peak moving season is during the summer when your children are off from school. In most cases, moving firms will price their services higher mostly because an increased number of people seek their services. Also, weekends are considered peak seasons at all times, which is why you might want to opt for moving during spring, autumn, or winter, as well as during working days – from Monday to Friday.

2. The Number of Boxes And Belongings

The more you need to pack, load, and unload, the longer the move will take, and because of this, the more it’ll cost. The amount and weight of the boxes and the rest of your belongings are one of the biggest factors to consider, hence, it might be wise for you to sell or donate the items that you no longer need or use. By going through your things and getting rid of the items that you don’t need before packing up, you can make sure that you decrease the rate.

3. The Services You Opt For

Do you need help packing? What about loading all of the things into a moving truck? If so, you can expect to pay more. Movers will always charge extra for every single additional service you opt for, thus, consider doing some things on your own such as packing and labeling the boxes, as well as loading most of them onto the van. If you want to check out the services most San Diego interstate movers offer, check out this website.

4. How Easy It is to Move The Items

Another thing that you might be surprised by is that the moving company will consider how easy it is to move all of your belongings onto their truck. Hence, they’ll consider how far the van will be from your house and whether they need to use the stairs or an elevator. Because of this, you might want to strongly consider where you’ll tell them to park, and if possible, talk to your neighbors and tell them that you, for example, might need their parking spot for a short period of time.

5. Disassemble Your Furniture By Yourself

Most moving companies will offer furniture disassembly and assembly services which is something that’ll make it easier for them to pack and protect your furniture. However, this can increase the overall price quite a lot, thus, it might be best if you opt for doing everything by yourself. This means that you should disassemble and protect everything by yourself, which means that they’ll only need to load it into their truck.

6. The Distance to The New Location

If there is one thing that you must remember from this article, it’s the fact that the distance to your new house will be the biggest factor that’ll influence the cost of hiring a San Diego moving organization. The time and fuel that’ll take for them to drive to your new house will definitely be added to the overall expenses, hence, you shouldn’t forget to take this into account, as well as the traffic and alternative routes that they might need to take.

7. Special Request Will Cost Extra

The last tip in our 2023 guide, but something that we definitely have to mention before concluding this article is that special services will cost extra. What does this mean? Well, for example, if you have several items that’ll require the moving company to be extra careful with, they’ll charge you extra for their efforts. Why? Isn’t it just the same as if they moved all of my other belongings? It simply isn’t.

It’ll take them more time and additional tools, packing suppliers, and equipment to pack things such as pianos or heirlooms, and they’ll definitely need more employees, thus, it’ll also be more expensive. Again, you could choose to pack up the special items by yourself, but you aren’t an expert, hence, if you truly want to make sure that everything is protected and packed properly, opting for special services is needed.


Although most homeowners don’t realize it, there is actually a wide array of factors that are included in the overall price of hiring a San Diego moving organization. And, once you consider all of the things we’ve mentioned in our article above, you could get a picture of how much you’ll need to pay for such services in the end.

Since you’re now well aware of the things that you must consider, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your free time. Instead, you might want to start browsing different websites and while keeping all of the tips we’ve mentioned in mind, find a moving company that’ll suit your needs, and of course, the budget that you have.