How Many Times Can TN Visa Be Renewed – 2023 Guide

Working in the United States of America when you are not a resident requires extensive legal paperwork. People from different countries aspire to get into the United States daily for work purposes. People from Mexico and Canada often make up a large majority of those ambitious enough to work here. It is due to the proximity of their countries to the United States. Different visas are offered for work purposes in the United States. One among them is a TN visa specially floated for people from Mexico and Canada.

TN visa renewal can be done an unlimited number of times. However, there are specific set parameters that you should fulfill to qualify for a renewal. A common misconception is that the renewal process is simple for anyone with a TN visa. However, this is not the case because the immigration officer is the only one who decides if the TN visa can be renewed.

What Is A TN Visa?


Understanding what a TN visa means is vital before you apply for one. Canadian and Mexican nationals are allowed to apply for a TN visa. As per the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), the TN visa is handed out at the borders of the United States.

Minimum education levels are essential for applicants who apply for a TN visa. The applicant should possess a job offer in specific domains defined for certain professionals. You would be granted a TN visa for three years.

One primary rule is that the applicant must remain with the employer who provided them with a job or offer. Dependent children under the age of 21 and their spouses may accompany applicants to the United States after they have received approval for a TD-1 for Canadians and a TD-2 for Mexicans.

Both TD-1 and TD-2 do not allow the dependents to work in the United States. However, they can stay in the country with the applicant. If the applicant changes jobs, they will need to apply for a new TN visa. Renewals of TN visas are done at the relevant borders.

The Difference Between Applying For A Fresh TN Visa And Renewing One


Before we get into specifics, a TN visa holder needs to understand the primary differences between applying for a new one and renewing an existing one. The differences would help you know how complex it can get if you do not follow standard protocols.

For applying for a TN visa renewal, you should be prepared to answer the questions the immigration officer has for you. Failing to convince the immigration officer may lead to a decline in renewal or entry into the country. So, the two major differences are as follows:

  • Applying for a fresh TN visa requires the applicant to be present physically. However, using Form I– 129, a person can renew their existing TN visa through the mail. The form is also known as an extension of status.
  • There are set TN visa requirements that an applicant should qualify for. If they do not qualify, they will be denied an extension. Therefore, knowing these requirements is vital before you apply for an extension.

For both cases, you may have to be present physically at the border to answer questions. Despite having the option of renewing their TN visas through the mail, most people prefer to travel to the borders to get their TN visas renewed. It is because they think it is the better option.

Alternative Options For TN Visa Holders


There are also other options available for TN visa holders apart from renewing. Existing TN visa holders can opt to apply for an H-1B visa, otherwise known as a work permit visa. Visit here if you need an expert that can provide you with better chances of success.

Companies such as these can help with the smooth renewal of a TN visa, applying for a new TN visa, or applying for an H-1B visa. Consulting with them can help you complete extensive paperwork that might otherwise prove to be challenging for a layman or an applicant.

Important Considerations When Renewing


You should know that you are likely to receive a call from an immigration officer. Preparing yourself to answer any questions they have is crucial. Without proper preparation, you may fail to answer the questions, leading to a rejection of your application.

The other important thing is to include the letter of offer from your employer when you are seeking renewal. It is something most people forget to include, which leads to a rejection from the immigration officials. It applies to both renewals at the border and those renewed by mail.

Mail-In Renewal

One reason for people to renew by physically appearing at the border is the complexities involved in applying by mail. A lot of paperwork has to be completed for your renewal application to be accepted by the immigration officials.

Some important requirements for applying for renewal by mail are as follows:

  • Preparation to answer questions by immigration officials.
  • Completing Form I-129 after acquiring it.
  • In the case of having dependents, you should file Form I-539 along with it.
  • Sending the letter of offer.
  • Along with the fees, prepare and send all relevant paperwork and send it to USCIS for approval.

Bottom Line

Other requirements include depending on changes in laws and policies. The fees are subject to change without notice too. You can also use potential exceptions in certain cases to get approval. All these things are subjective and can change at any time. Therefore, using professional help from companies like Tn Visa Expert is always advised.

It can be your best bet for obtaining a renewal without any problems. Professional help can often make the entire process seamless and effortless for the applicant. They would also know about different changes and understand how the immigration offices work. These things can work to your advantage.