How Long Do Wireless Mice Last?

Wireless mice are in demand and people are buying more and more peripherals for their computers. Everyone, who works in the computer, needs a mouse, be it wired or wireless. But as people are more interested in a wireless mouse, that gives rise in the production or wireless peripherals, and with every passing day, manufacturers and companies are launching new and advanced mice. The best part of using a wireless mouse is that you do not need to sit or bound to a specific place instead you are free to move from one place to another as long as you are in the range of the transmitter. Plus, there is no issue of wire tangling, which is one of the main reasons for putting a wireless mouse in the cart. The frequent use of wireless mice and the number of wireless mice available in the market compel consumers to buy one. This gives birth to a question that ‘how long do wireless mice last’.

When people are investing in a wireless mouse, it’s their right to know how long do wireless mice last. Everyone likes to have a wireless mouse that works for quite long. The thing you need to understand that there are different types of wireless mouse available on the market.

Different Types of Wireless Mouse

Before proceeding towards how long wireless mice last, you need to know what are the different types of wireless mouse so that you know what type you need to use and how long it last.  Let’s take a look at the different types of wireless mouse

RF Wireless Mice

This is the most used wireless mouse for years. The RF mouse works on radio frequency, just as its name suggests. It uses the RF signals to work properly. In RF wireless mice, the transmitter is located in the device that is used to transmit signals and traces the location of your wireless mouse. The RF receiver of your mouse is used to pick the signals up.  The receiver that comes with the wireless mouse connects to the input slot in the back of the hard drive. Once it is connected, it works to decode the signals and easily communicates with the system. You just need to connect it to the computer, then it is ready to use.

USB Mice

As you can guess by its name, USB mice, you know how you connect it to your computer. Any port in the back or front of your computer that transmit data can be the transmission port for the signal. USB mice work when you connect the USB into the port. When you move the mouse, it sends a signal to the USB to inform the location. Then it decodes the signal to a computer-friendly language. This is how a USB mouse works.

Bluetooth Mice

This type of wireless mouse works when connected to the Bluetooth device.  It does not need you to have any dongle or USB to connect it, all you need is the Bluetooth driver in your computer, and it should be working properly, and that’s all. If everything is fine, then you can successfully connect a Bluetooth mouse to your computer and keep using it without any interruption. As we are talking about the interruption, the only inconvenience you may experience is that the Bluetooth mouse disconnects the moment your computer sleeps, and then you need a few seconds to reconnect it. The Bluetooth mice operate via infrared signals and work really fine with any Bluetooth enabled computer or laptop. The range of most of the Bluetooth mice is around 33 feet.

Optical Mice


It is one of the standard versions of the wireless mouse. It works via infrared technology, a red light glows in the mouse.

How long do wireless mice last?

We have discussed types of wireless mouse and to estimate the how long do wireless mouse last is questionable. As it completely depends on how you use your mouse, and which brand you are using. Some people have an opinion that a wireless mouse can last up to 3 or 5 years. Most of the mice in the market also come with a warranty. You can’t tell the lifespan of a mouse just by looking it.

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