How Long Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Last?

There is an old popular saying that diamonds last forever. This advertising slogan was so successful that it made diamonds extremely popular. This is not incorrect, since diamonds stand for one of the strongest substances on earth. They are literally impossible to break and because of that diamonds have always been preferred stones for both engagement and wedding rings. Therefore, if you are looking for a romantic ring for your special person that will last a lifetime, you should decide on diamonds.

However, we can notice that lately, different synthetic stones have become very common on the market which has caused a big confusion and misunderstanding among people. Now, they believe that only diamonds that have been pulled from the ground with great expense are only the real ones that will last forever. However, we have good news for all those who are supporting synthetic diamonds and can not afford the real ones. We are talking about a new revolution of the lab-grown stones that truly do last forever, just the mined stones!

From the moment people heard about this, the popularity of lab grown diamonds become enormous huge and there ar class=”id10″e so many reasons for this fuss. This type of diamond is highly more affordable than mined diamonds. At the same time, they provide the same features as mined diamonds, and best of all – they are environmentally friendly. This means that for all those people that are conscious about the impact of the product they use on the planet, this is a great option!

With lab-grown diamonds, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the same magic and sparkle that mined diamonds have. However, people still can not believe that lab-grown diamonds are just as strong as regularly mined ones. Well, we are here to break out of the dilemma!

The toughness of Lab Grown Diamonds

Regular diamonds are created from pure carbon and because of that they are ranked at the top on the hardness scale. There is a special Moh’s Scale of hardness which stands for the most reliable qualitative scale that measures the resistance of some particular material. When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, they are formed in a laboratory from carbon as well, and they have the exact same chemical compound, as well as the optical and physical features as regular diamonds that are mined from the earth.

When it comes to a material’s durability and toughness it does not depend on how it was created but it depends on its molecular structure. The outside shell of every atom of the carbon material has in itself four electrons. In a diamond, those electrons are shared with four other carbon atoms so they can build a highly strong chemical bond and an extremely rigid tetrahedral crystal.

Therefore, as you can conclude on your own, the diamond’s chemical makeup is the one that makes the diamond so strong. In fact, the diamond is one of the strongest ones on earth. We were talking about the importance of the material compound of the material, so you can understand that a diamond that is created in a lab has the same strength, durability, and toughness as the naturally formed diamond that is mined from the earth.

The only difference between these two types of diamonds refers to the setting in which they are made. Lab Created Diamonds are formed by simulating natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure or chemical vapor deposition. If you are wondering how it takes to create a diamond in the lab, it will depend on the features of that diamond such as its color and size. However, in most cases, it takes approximately 10 to 20 days to form a diamond in the laboratory.

How long do Lab Created Diamonds last?

So, let’s talk further about the durability of diamonds that are created in a lab, so you can get more information. You should know that diamonds created in the laboratory are an heirloom-quality diamond simulant. In other words, these types of diamonds just like the regularly mined ones will last a lifetime and beyond. However, it is very crucial to mention that they need to be cared for properly. If you are maintaining your diamond in the right way, even though it is created in the laboratory, it will look amazing all the time.

When it comes to maintenance, you need to clean your ring regularly and protect the ring from any type of chemicals and lotions. By investing in a diamond you are investing in something that will last forever. Diamonds generally have the value of a legacy because people can pass down the diamond ring through many generations. That is right, a ring of this kind can become a family heritage. The concept of passing down something so authentic, ancient, and wealthy looks very appealing. Lab-grown diamonds also offer a legacy that you can pass on. There are two great advantages of purchasing the diamond that is formed in the laboratory.

They are eco-friendly and sustainable, while natural diamonds are found deep below the earth’s surface which requires a lot of mining processes that are disrupting environmental landscapes to extract. Additionally, the diamonds created in the laboratory are consuming less energy than it takes to dig natural diamonds out of the ground. Therefore, you can conclude why lab-grown diamonds become so popular today and are considered the preferred choice of many people.

Adding on top of all the features of lab-grown diamonds that are highly more affordable than natural diamonds, what is not to love about them? You will get the same quality, features of strength and durability as well as the attractiveness and sparkle that natural diamonds have if you decide to buy the diamonds from the laboratory.

Are lab-created diamonds the future of the diamond industry and luxury?

Well, we can freely say that these new diamonds created in the laboratory stand for a revolutionary discovery. In a world where diamonds are getting a lot of fame and fuss, innovation of this kind is something highly incredible. Technology surely provides us with lots of things, even to evolve new eco-friendly diamonds.