How Jared McKenzie made $4.5 Million with Headline Solar

Jared McKenzie, a young CEO of the fastest-growing solar company in the State of Illinois with a plan to expand into a dozen more states in the next few years. He has managed to bring the company from 0 to 4.5 million in revenue in just 130 days, which is pretty amazing for any CEO, but even more impressive when it’s a young CEO like Jared McKenzie. If you want to know about his story, how he started a company from scratch that is now growing every single day making huge amounts of money, keep on reading…


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Jared McKenzie said that everything he was doing in college on a day-to-day basis didn’t help him progress and learn. He felt that the first years of college were a waste of time. Of all the classes he took, none of them had any relevance with his major, which was in Entrepreneurship so he was feeling down and felt as if he was losing time.

He said that dropping out of college was one of his best decisions that ultimately led to his progress in life, success and building up his character which would help him in future endeavors.

However, do not make the mistake that this young student dropped out without any plans – unlike the others who believe that they will come up with something on the go. When he was in junior year, he decided that enough was enough, so he went on a different path.

Top 3 things that contributed to making his solar business successful

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He decided to start his new business in 2018, Headline Solar in Illinois to teach homeowners about the State’s RPS or renewable portfolio standard which requires at least 25% of its electricity production which is designed to be purely from renewable resources by 2025. Jared McKenzie partnered with Kevin Gillespie who was also an experienced Entrepreneur and together they made the fastest-growing solar company in Chicago. McKenzie claims that the top 3 things that contribute to any business are:

  • Team building
  • Focus
  • Consistency

In every business, if you take away the team then you have nothing left and the business is worth nothing, he says. With his partner Kevin they managed to build a great team through very hard work. Jared believes that having a team that puts 100 percent effort for every single task, do not take no for an answer, completely believes in your idea or vision and will follow your lead no matter what is the most vital thing to have a successful business. He sees consistency and focus are the two most crucial characteristics you need to have as a leader. You need to be active every day, working just as hard as your team to help you enhance your business. This is how he believes Headline Solar became such a successful project.

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