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How Entrepreneur Zach Paone Was Able To Overcome Depression & Become A Exclusive Customer Acquisition Specialist

Often, being seen as an “entrepreneur hustler” was viewed as a negative connotation. We often think of someone who is on their laptop 24/7 sacrificing everything. But times have changed. Nowadays, being seen as a hustler is not only a compliment, it is critical to success. This can be credited to the uprising of Youtube channels, social media, entrepreneur influencers with the new tools and platforms that are being used to connect with audiences at scale.

I had the chance to have a chat with Zach Paone, who is a 26-year-old entrepreneur, helps businesses acquire customers. During college, Paone quite often found himself skipping homework and taking online courses in data science, information technology, pattern recognition, and digital marketing. While struggling to finish college, he realized that he actually wanted to start his own business, something he could be proud of. That is why he started Advincible Media, a premier customer acquisition agency that specializes in messenger bot marketing.

I asked him a few questions about his own personal story and here is what he had to say:

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What’s your backstory?

I am an average Boston born guy, with an above-average drive. I was raised to think differently and to go after my dreams. After lots of trial and error, I found that being able to read data and implement it into strategies and systems for businesses to grow, is my calling.

How have you changed/grown in the past 5 years?

Absolutely. If I didn’t, then I would still be where I was when I started this journey, which was waiting tables and driving for Uber. Change is necessary, a client and good friend of mine Terrell Wallace, a highly sought after personal branding expert said it best, “if nothing changes…nothing changes!”.

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Has there ever been a time where you gave up or wanted to quit? How did you overcome that feeling?

For sure. I had just spent every last dollar in my bank account towards a restaurant venture I was trying to create with my fiance’. It didn’t work how we wanted it to and when I looked at my road ahead for Advincible Media, I had no money, no job, and no one to help me sell my services. I overcame it by becoming valuable. I spent all I had left on courses and mentors that taught me skills which separated me from the rest of the average Facebook Ads Agencies out there. That ended up giving me the results for clients that got them to brag about them to friends and began to spiral in our favor!