How do you Dress Casually and Still Feel Good?

If you are a lover of fashion and comfort at the same time, there is a solution for you. Basic clothes are present in every trend and have always been so. Experts constantly recommend buying basic pieces of clothing. That way, you can always look beautiful while you are comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. Casually the look goes great on all occasions. Whether you go to work, to college or to a night out. There is also very little to upgrade this style if the opportunity requires it. For example, complete a leather jacket, jeans and a white T-shirt with expensive jewelry and a high heel and you are ready to go out. There are a few more tricks that will help you choose clothing combinations.

Smart casual

This style means wearing harmonious, modern, quality, but also very comfortable clothes. You can use them on all occasions, and you will stand out especially on less formal occasions. For example, if your business does not require a stroke of business style, then this is a great choice for you. It is a combination of elegant, classic, business, boho and any other style. With each accessory or piece of clothing, you can achieve a different visual impression. Now, business combinations do not always have to be uniform. For example, opt for dark, straight-cut pants. Make it a staple of your outfit.

Instead, you can opt for a quality pair of jeans, because this piece of clothing has not been reserved only for informal occasions for a long time. Now it is a complete hit in the business world, because they provide you with comfort and convenience at the same time. If you are not a fan of pants, opt for a skirt. It can be business length or more attractive. When choosing another option, make the balance softer, more professional and more elegant with the upper part. The dress is definitely the best choice if you want to feel smart casual. Choose a simple variant that you will complete with interesting jewelry and accessories.

Casual business

The wardrobe we wear at a job interview has a big impact on how we feel and what impression we leave. Therefore, if you want to leave the right impression – choose wisely. We are sure that you have a feeling of stress and discomfort because you are going to a new job interview. Then different thoughts run through our heads and we try in every way to leave the first impression that hurts. The clothes you wear really say a lot about you and that is why you must not forget this factor. However, you can’t leave a good impression if you are uncomfortable in your outfit all the time.

If you want to achieve good looks and comfort at the same time, you can achieve that very easily. Choose a suit in one color that is popular this season. For example, let it be beige or light blue if you want to highlight your personality. Pants should be long, wide legs, and narrow at the waist. Opt for an oversized jacket, and wear a white cotton T-shirt underneath. From shoes, choose something like black Prada moccasins. Match your look with a watch, earrings and a small shoulder bag. Invest in quality pieces that will last a long time! Don’t skimp when it comes to work clothes, that is, when it comes to: a good shirt, a good jacket, good shoes.

Chic and casual

Don’t forget that the right cut is the basis of a good outfit. Pay attention to how it stands on certain parts of your body and whether it is the right choice for your body. Otherwise, you risk looking vulgar, messy and uncomfortable. Uncomfortable clothes spoil the overall impression, but there is a solution to this problem. We are sure that every girl has at least two good jackets and one cropped pants in her wardrobe.

If you want to look fashionable while wearing comfortable clothes, add a plain white shirt and flat slippers to this fashion combination. To look even better, do not wear a jacket, but leave it hanging on your shoulders. Let your hair fall freely, put on one striking ring and a mini bag like Jacquemus.

Eye catching colors

Pay attention to the choice of colors. Although a good cut is very important, sometimes color is crucial. Casual dressing means comfortable clothes, but rarely does anyone mention the importance of colors. If you include some striking colors in your fashion combination, you will feel much better and you will look like that to others. Best of all, you have a large selection of colors, and if you choose the one that goes best with your complexion and hair, you will achieve fantastic outfit. Don’t worry, not just teenager clothes is colorful.

For example, hoodies in wheat, green or blue are great for men. Women can wear a neon saggy T shirt, a maxi skirt in the same color, moccasins and a shoulder bag. This combination is chic and comfortable at the same time so you should learn more about such combinations.

Less is more

Just a few details are enough to change the overall look. For example, opt for a sports coat, and then slightly roll up your sleeves. This is a great option if you feel overdressed while looking very modern. Underneath, wear a shirt with buttons that you can wear with your sleeves rolled up or completely relaxed.

When it comes to pants, fashion designers always recommend twisting your pants. This is especially recommended during the summer season. From shoes it is desirable to wear shoes or sneakers. If you do not wear socks or wear socks that show more ankles, you will get a more casual look.


Sometimes the days come when we don’t want to look business, and yet we have to get ready for work. However, don’t even wear anything on those days and just leave the house. Although you will feel relief at that moment, you will probably feel the pressure later when you realize that you are not properly trained. There are several ways to dress nicely and casually. It’s a matter of choosing the right clothes. When it comes to informal or relaxed gatherings, choose informal clothes such as jeans, T-shirts, crocheted clothes, cardigans, etc. Just add some interesting accessories or jewelry and upgrade your basic outfit.