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How do i remove Gmail account verification FRP after resetting my Phone?

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These days too many people are unaware of android new security and powerful security feature, and that is FRP. People just get their device FRP lock after resetting their own device to clean up data, bugs, viruses. When they complete the initial setup, their device asks to enter previously synched Gmail account.

Some knew their Gmail account username and password by heart or have them written down somewhere, but what about the others? Those don’t know their Gmail account or have completely forgotten about it – surely they are stuck and got FRP lock on their device.

So, the question is, how do we bypass FRP lock from our Android device to access HOME SCREEN and use our device without any problems. To learn how to bypass FRP lock from an Android device, you will have to understand some basic rules before applying FRP bypass method on our device.

Rule No 1:

We should know some details about our Android device. For example, some devices have android 5, some device android 6, 7, 8, so you should know what your device android version is.

Rule No 2:

You can visit and type our device model no in “Search box,” to find out the exact FRP bypass method, that matches your device model. Then you are good to go – otherwise, your FRP bypass method will be followed just based on our Android version.

You can also try some below tips from here to bypass Google account from your device.

How do I Bypass FRP Android Version 6 Device:

If your device has android version 6, then you can try some of the steps mentioned below.

1/ Connect Wi-Fi to your device and then go back to “Add another network.”

2/ Type a random text and then long tap on your typed text. After that you will get some options like Cut, Copy, Share, and 3 dots.

3/ Tap on “3 dots”, and select “ASSIST”, and after that, you will see “Google App” being opened. Then, just type in search box “Chrome browser”, and you will access to Chrome browser successfully. From here we will download FRP bypass apk apps.

4/ Type in the search box “Download FRP Tools Techeligible“, and visit the 1st result displayed. Download 2 apks apps, 1-Quick Shortcut Maker, and 2-Google Account Manager.

5/ After downloading, simply open and install “Google Account Manager” app.

6/ Then install “Quick Shortcut Maker” app. Open it and go down – then tap on “Google Account Manager” to expand it. After that, select the one that appears with “Type email and password” and then click on “try.” You will see “3 dots” in the top corner, with only one step to go – select “browser sing in” and enter your valid Google account.

Note: If your device has android version 7, or 8, then you can find out your best FRP bypass method on website. This website offers 100 FRP unlocking methods.

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