5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant

Hiring a good digital marketing professional can be a big challenge. Skills and experience are very important, but other factors need to be considered when interviewing a candidate. This is sometimes not easy – so take a look at the list of interview questions you should ask candidates for digital marketing consultant positions.

Do You Need A Digital Marketing Consultant?

You have started a new business and have your own website. It is clear to you that today digital marketing is something without which you cannot make a breakthrough in the market. Therefore, you need someone who will help you in managing your marketing strategy – and overcoming technological obstacles, because you can’t do it all by yourself. That’s why you need to hire a professional digital marketing consultant. However, how will you know to whom you are leaving a good part of your work? In other words, how will you choose the associates you will hire? After a business resume, the interview is the first step you should take in that direction.

Questions You Need To Ask

This is an important part of the job when you’re hiring a digital marketing consultant because you need to know how much that person actually knows the job you need to leave to them. Remember that investing in digital marketing is profitable, but not cheap – so you shouldn’t be gambling when choosing associates. On the contrary, play it safe! So do your best to ask your potential digital marketing consultant some specific questions.

1.   Are you familiar with the industry in which we work and the habits of our customers?

Every digital marketing candidate must have the minimum required skills for the position for which you are hiring him. It is not always necessary to hire experts in this field – but it is certain that you don’t want someone without experience in this position. That person will have to work on building your company’s digital strategy, and if they don’t know anything about it – it can even harm your company’s interests. Therefore, it is very important that the future digital marketing consultant knows and understands the industry in which you work. It is also very significant that this person nurtures the culture and habits that suit your company – and identifies with your brand.

2.   Do you have any experience that could improve sales?

From the very beginning, it is understood that your digital marketing consultant will be instructed in the basic principles of work. Nevertheless, experience is of great importance here when considering improving sales strategies. Therefore, you need to find out from the candidates if they have any experience with sales. Even if they have, it is important to know what kind of experience they have had – and whether they will be able to help you in developing products. Although this is not a prerequisite for hiring someone as a digital marketing consultant, it will still mean a lot to you – because in this area the tasks are divided into team members, so someone with this experience would be more than welcome. Second recommendation would be to look by location and talk with a few local consultants face to face so you can evaluate them properly. Australian locals can reliably look up marketing consultants Melbourne and schedule a few meetings to get started.

3.   In what way will you optimize the existing content?

If you have already decided to hire a digital marketing consultant, then it goes without saying that you want to improve the content on your website. However, do not rely on the assumption that candidates already have enough experience in this. Also, do not rely on recommendations, because what suits another client may not necessarily suit you. According to, it is best to ask candidates about specific plans to optimize the existing content – as well as ideas for creating new content. This way, you will create a good picture of what a particular candidate can offer you – and how it will work within your team.

4.   Do you have experience in creating high-quality content?

Although data is key to marketing success, creativity is still an important part of the profession. Many marketing roles are related to content creation, design, and other creative features. Therefore, you need to come to this knowledge through the questions you will ask the candidate. It is not a rule that all digital marketing consultants need to know everything about creating content. In fact, many of them can only optimize your pre-existing content. If this is what you need, then you will not have much trouble finding an adequate associate. However, if your wish is for your content to be enriched or re-created because you haven’t been satisfied with the previous ones, or you want to improve it – then you must also inform the candidate about that fact. Not everyone is equally qualified, and not everyone can work on improving your content. Therefore, if you are looking for such a candidate, you must also be willing to pay extra.

5.   Are you able to provide the best search engine positioning and ranking?

This belongs to the domain of ambiguous questions, to which it is not easy to give the correct answer. That’s why you need to ask it! If you want the candidate to be honest with you – that answer will always be NO. Quite simply, this is the thing that no one, not even the best consultant in this field can guarantee. A good digital marketer will do anything to do a good job – but guaranteeing the best positioning and ranking would be unrealistic. Therefore, candidates who promise you something like this should not be taken very seriously – and you should definitely think twice before you hire such a person.

Abilities Are Important, But So Is Teamwork

The success of developing digital marketing strategies depends on whether individuals do their part to achieve team goals. Everyone, even digital marketing consultants, must be on the same level – so they can support and encourage others. Asking questions like these will give you a good idea of the candidate’s knowledge and his predispositions to be a team player. We truly hope you will be lucky enough to find the right digital marketing consultant for your company.