What Clients Look for When Hiring a Staffing Agency?

If you have ever got a chance to choose a staffing agency, you might know how useful it is to collaborate with them in terms of your business progress and workload. The trend of hiring the staffing agency is not new, yet it wasn’t common years ago, but today, every organization wants to interact with them for their benefit.

Staffing agencies, also known as recruitment agency help clients find the appropriate and suitable employee for the relevant post. With the increase in social media usage, it has become easy to find a trustable staffing agency that might be interested in collaborating with you.

However, the question arises, what clients look for when they hire a staffing agency? To figure it, I have come up with a useful guide for those who are thinking of collaborating with the scionnonprofitstaffing which is one of the biggest nonprofit staffing agency to find a trustworthy client. Let’s begin the article and discuss it in detail.

How Does Stagging Agencies Work?

As already mentioned in the introduction, the Employment Agencies carry out an intermediation, research and personnel selection activity. Under certain conditions, they can also directly hire staff to be administered to client companies: in this case we speak of job administration.

All subjects who are looking for a job position can use an employment agency, simply by handing in their CV and cover letter and requesting their inclusion in their database.

At the same time, companies that are looking for new staff to be included in their workforce can take advantage of the services offered by these types of agencies. The advantages in this case are numerous, as these companies can outsource the costs related to the selection and management of personnel; in some cases, they can also proceed to increase staff without directly proceeding to new hires.

So, the agency on the one hand serves the client companies to find staff suitable for their needs, on the other hand it assists candidates by providing support for them with adequate training and in finding a job appropriate to their skills and aspirations. The agency often uses pre-employment assessments like IT, customer service, or government skills tests to match the candidates’ skills to a job.

1- Transparency is the Key Element

When clients hire a staffing agency, they are willing to pay them monthly with the hope that they will get something productive in return. The client wants results for which they have hired you. Show them what changes you can bring in their organization and how appropriate their decision was in choosing you.

Prove your worth and show them your work procedure to satisfy them. One of the main elements that clients look for in a staffing agency is their way of work. On asking if a staffing agency will respond, ‘I found a particular employee online’; it will put a bad impression on the client.

2- A staffing Agency Should be Well-Informed

The clients look for such agencies who have complete knowledge regarding their organization and business. Such agencies who are not only interested in knowing about hiring needs; in fact, they pay attention to every detail and information regarding the organization with which they are going to be associated with.

Hence, they always prefer those agencies who are well-informed regarding their business and doesn’t sound blank on asking. It will show how much a staffing agency cares about the client company’s growth and how productive employee they will find for them.

3- Past Work Experience

A client can predict a lot about a particular staffing agency by looking at their past experience. An experience of a person says a lot about their reputation and worth in the market. A client looks for those industries with whom the agency has worked in the past.

A client will never select that agency that doesn’t hold an impressive past work experience or has never done anything productive in the past. When the client collaborates with any agency, the agency’s worth and reputation also matter. Hence, for most clients, the work experiences of an agency is the priority.

4- Identify the Requirements of the Client

Ensure you understand what your customers need. It is essential to discover what they mean when they say “impermanent.” Many organizations may employ somebody for a very long time to cover somebody on maternity leave.

The off chance that the individual on maternity leaves and chooses not to return and the individual you recruited is moving out of state toward the finish of their time will put some weight on the customer.

It is ideal to recruit somebody eager to take the transitory situation with a slight expectation of being employed on for all time instead of recruiting somebody who is not interested in being a part of the organization permanently.

5- Take job orders carefully

The recruitment process should be done appropriately and carefully to avoid any future issues. The client prefers those agencies that look after their recruitment process and consider their day-to-day operations. Even if one hires labor, the manager looks for his potential that either he is capable of working under a particular atmosphere.

The same is the case with the staffing agency. The client checks the potential value of a staffing agency and later makes any final decision. The client ensures how a particular agency takes job orders and how deeply they involve themselves.

6- Hitting Staffing Goals

If your staffing organization is keen on hitting a specific number of customers this year, be sure you are following the correct actions to arrive. It takes a lot of work to sustain a customer enough to make them sign an agreement with you and give them all the responsibility of their recruiting needs. Is your staffing organization considering extending or rolling out specific changes to improve things? You may require some additional working cash-flow to arrive.


The procedure of hiring a staffing agency is not as simple as you think. It takes a lot of responsibility to get your hands on the appropriate agency. I have enlisted a few essential points that clients usually look for when hiring a particular agency. I hope it will somehow help you in the future.