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Here’s How to Write the Perfect First Message on Tinder


Today, dating apps are used mostly for getting a date, instead of getting one traditionally. But the main thing is getting matches in dating apps. There are many factors to look over before making a Tinder profile, which will make sure that your profile is approachable. After every type of hacks and tips, you get matches. The main thing that we need to focus on is starting a conversation. So far as you got a game on Tinder or any other app, but now you don’t know how to start the conversation or you might have experienced fewer open rate. Well, your first word matters a lot in dating apps like Tinder.

The Perfect First Message

As dating app shows, “you have got a perfect match,” there is nothing like a perfect match. Your match may differ from your thoughts, an app with some similar interests can’t decide an ideal match. You have to make your match as a perfect match with your words, behavior and all. As like match, there is nothing like a perfect first message. Because the taste of your match may differ from yours, but with this guide, you can improve your first move. You will find many amazing tips about the perfect conversation starters.

Reference Their Profile (or Pictures)

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You should do a throúgh review of the matched profile, before texting your first message. There is a reason for this; people love to hear right about them. If you do a short review of the matched profile, you will have the basic idea about that person and better to go with some knowledge instead of zero. Complicating some related goods about the matched individuals is quite amazing to create a good impression. You also can ask some questions like, “Oh hey, you are into [not all that obscure band] too? That is so cool! What is your favorite song?” before you came along.”

Just Be Yourself

It’s always better to play with your strengths. So never forget yourself while making any progress. Never try to make some false statements. If you are thinking to make jokes every time in the starting, then a big no. Just a small short question with some puns works better. Never forget this golden rule, never make a false image of yourself. If you haven’t yet got a match, take it as a stroke of bad luck and move on to different platform; you can choose from a variety of platforms available via

Puns, Puns, Puns

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Puns are the main thing to keep in your words. If you are not good with puns, play around with words. Well, we have another fantastic source of puns. You can explore Reddit for puns. /r/Tinder There are thousands of initial messaging points that you can try. Better to skip the hits with higher upvotes, because those are highly used. To find some amazing hidden gems and work your charm.


These tips will help you to gather a basic idea of what kind of the first message to send to your matches. Just be yourself! That’s all for this article. What are you waiting for now? Go and impress your date with some magical words.

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