6 Benefits of Heated Clothing for Long Winter Hikes

If you’re anything like us, you must enjoy going on long hikes, regardless of the weather. And, we can’t say we don’t see the appeal, because we do.

Being out in the elements can be refreshing and energizing – especially when you pair it up with an adrenaline-pumping hike or a scenic trail. However, and we can admit it, these experiences aren’t exactly easy on the body! Especially if it’s cold and windy.


Did you know that there are outdoor gear companies out there right now that are providing you with high-tech solutions for keeping your core temperature warm during the bone-shattering-chilly seasons? That’s right… We’re talking about heated clothing made to keep you toasty for hours during your cold-weather excursions this and every other winter!

So, check out these top benefits of wearing high-quality heat-generating garments while trekking through the wilderness this snow season.

1. Year-round hikes are now possible


The main benefit of having a heated vest or a jacked certainly has to be the comfort it brings to those who want to go hiking in the cold but not shiver the whole time they’re out in the wild.

Let’s face it: when temperatures drop significantly below zero degrees and you’re outside for a long time every single day during the winter, that can’t be pleasant. There’s only so much teeth-clenching and hand-gloving one can do against the frigid air before it all becomes a little too much to handle without a heating solution handy at all times during a multi-day or even an afternoon trek…

Thankfully, that solution is here in the form of battery-powered portable vests and jackets that are perfect for those wanting the ultimate comfort and warmth during their outdoor adventures.

2. Keeping warm was never easier


While we’re not saying that layering on isn’t a decent solution for staying warm, we’d much rather retain some of our agility and mobility during a long and cold day on the trail. Instead of bundling up so much that it feels like we’re almost ready to jump in bed afterwards with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand and a crackling fire in the other, we’d much rather just put on a simple jacket and go out in the nature.

I mean who would want to cover themselves in that much fabric in the name of warmth anyway?! No thanks!!!

That just feels stifling to us and we’d rather stay agile and mobile with the sleeves of our hooded and heated jacket slightly unzipped and the drawstring of the neck loose enough to give us room to breathe and move our limbs without freezing in the process.

Or, at least without leaving us with the sensation of frostbite for the rest of our day.

3. Looking stylish on a budget is now in style


If you’ve ever gone shopping for some winter apparel, unless it’s for a Doace Wear heated vest, you’ve soon come to realize that unless you’re an heir to Amazon, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reasonable solution to stay warm and look good at the same time. Most of the winter-delight clothes cost an arm and a leg.

Sure, you might be able to find a cheap and warm coat for those Christmas-time walks through bedazzled streets of your hometown, but we’ll all agree that those garments won’t be anywhere near cosy enough for a hike. Skiing gear probably will, but my god, those things are expensive.

Thankfully, a heated jacket or a vest will rarely set you back in crippling debt. These things run between $50-$200 depending on brand and build quality respectively so you get what you pay for as far as quality and price go. And, the way we see it – that’s more than reasonable.

4. Keeps the weight off your back

This one kind of brushes against the second benefit, but it’s worth mentioning by itself since it’s such a critical aspect of a rewarding and enjoyable experience when you’re out on a hike.

Basically, the less you carry with you in your backpack while you’re out and about in the mountains the better you’ll be able to manoeuvre through treacherous terrains and climb steep hills without having the extra strain on your back.

And, sure, not everyone walks these walks. To be fair, most folks just walk toddler-friendly trails even though they make them out to be way tougher and much more challenging than they truthfully are, but still, why would you carry all this extra stuff with you if you don’t have to?

Just stick to a heated piece of clothing and some water and snacks.

5. Windproof and waterproof

We think we’d all agree that it’s not the actual cold that’s making us shiver – it’s the elements. It’s the wind and the pouring rain that makes you want to crawl under a blanket and grab a nice book to read for the next few hours, just so you’d forget you’re spending your precious time in the wilderness on a stormy Saturday afternoon once again. When will you learn?

Thankfully, these wind and waterproof jackets and vests will help you weather the storm, pun intended.

Usually composed of polyester or other fabrics designed to insulate from the brisk wind and icy December rains, these garments will offer enough resistance to water and other external elements so you can hike in peace and comfort.

6. Good for winter sports

Finally, what good would a heated jacket be if you couldn’t enjoy some winter sports in it? Why not stay wearing the same outfit, but just switch the hiking trail for a skiing hill instead? Isn’t that better than having to purchase two separate outfits for both of these?

After all, these are multipurpose pieces of outerwear so don’t limit yourself to just the hiking trails. Ride a snowboard. Hop on a snowmobile. Have fun!



There you have it. If you were ever in doubt whether these things are worth it or not – we think we made it pretty clear they are. They’re incredibly convenient and practical when you’re out in the cold for an extended time, and most importantly – they won’t make you file for bankruptcy.