Hashtag Generator For Instagram

Hashtags are an excellent way to grow your Instagram account because they hold the ability to bring in new followers from each hashtag you use.

Whether you need followers for your brand or your Instagram account is your company, hashtags can be used as a major marketing strategy for Instagram growth. Mastering the use of hashtags can be a challenging task for someone new to it; However, if you do manage to succeed in understanding how hashtags work, you might well be on your way to increasing your Instagram followers.

Hashtags give you the option of attracting new followers to your brand by focusing on generating hashtags relevant to your niche. Using the right set of hashtags with your Instagram posts could have the ability to skyrocket your Instagram following count. Hashtags also are a great way of testing marketing strategies by tracking the progress of followers through your Instagram posts. If a set of hashtags bring you a lot of traffic to your account (your Instagram posts gets a lot of likes, followers, etc.), then that hashtag works for you. Creating a real strategy by focusing on the use of relevant hashtags is bound to skyrocket your Instagram account.

How to Use Hashtags

You might not be aware, but a recent scam emerged online called Fyre Festival. The creator of this luxurious event had paid famous personalities such as Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Elsa Hosk, and a host of other models and celebrities to promote his festival. He paid these people thousands of dollars, and they promoted his fake festival through social media (predominantly Instagram) through the hashtag #ad.

Kendall Jenner has more than 108 million followers on her official Instagram account. By talking about Fyre Festival, and promoting it through the hashtag #ad, she brought a lot of attention to the creator of the festival, Billy McFarland. She and all the rest of the people involved with it are currently being subpoenaed for promoting the fake event through their social media accounts. The festival creator has made a lot of money by selling fake tickets and has ruined a lot of lives. But the point of this is to tell you how powerful hashtags can be.

Now to continue with the article, how do you use hashtags?

The only real way you use Instagram hashtags is to use them for the exactly what you are advertising. Make sure the hashtags you are using are closely tied to your niche or brand.

Another cool way to use Instagram hashtags is to use a hashtag generator, which will add relevant hashtags based on your Instagram posts. It’s a smart way of advertising and one that is proven to work based on its track record.


Another tip for how to use the right hashtags is to scout your competition. See what hashtags your competitors are using and make your marketing strategy based on that.

Researching what’s trending has been a strategy that has worked in all areas of social media marketing, e-commerce, etc. Make sure to research which hashtags are currently trending and used by those who are most relevant to your brand name, or niche. How do you do that- you might ask yourself? Well, its pretty straightforward, and the way you do it is by browsing posts with hashtags that you are currently using. If some of those posts are performing better, make sure to use the hashtags relevant to that Instagram post.