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Handy Tips on Online and Offline Dating

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Are you interested in dating but you don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas on checking out dating offline and online:

You ought to be very selective on free dating sites. Do you want to hook up with tightwads? Not to mention that there are plenty of weird people as well. Some individuals want to wed you to get a passport. Some want to get you to send them cash for airfare or their sick mother; these are cons. Also, women are searching for ’sugar daddies’; a man to sponge off of. Some are looking for a person who’ll put up with their insufferable conduct; the very opposite of an affectionate relationship, where both parties look for ways to make the other person happier. Conversely, if somebody has had to pony up some money to join a dating site it means they are a bit more sincere and they’ve got a credit or debit card; a bit more reassuring, but you can still easily land a wacko.


A cheap habit: smoking. If you smoke, you’re cutting yourself off from the companionship of legions of women. However, smoking is a bad habit. But many women won’t date you if you smoke. Separate from the burden on your health, it makes your hair and clothes to smell bad, and your mouth to savor of an ashtray. Give the foul habit up, and spend the cash you save turning yourself out nicely.

Don’t over-think it. We are pulled to a certain type, with whom we see our future. We can envision everything, including the children we will have sometime down the road.
Conspicuous consumption shows that you are not stingy with your money. You can establish this easily. Don’t be a sap, however; if the chemistry isn’t there, on BOTH sides, move on. You can’t badger or buy a woman into loving you, ‘though they may be uneager to refuse a ’sugar daddy’ entirely. When true love strikes, you’ll both know it; don’t settle for the substitute!


Social skills: A man should ideally be gregarious, with an inner circle of jolly friends. He should be able to hold learned discussions on an extensive variety of subjects. A man should be observant. He ought to notice when a woman has modified her appearance. He ought to notice when she is unhappy. When needful he should not stay silent, but offer compliments or understanding. He should, however, also be aware that no man ever won a fair maiden by being a doormat. You’re not obliged to tolerate narcissistic behavior. Don’t take women’s ‘crises’ too seriously. They certainly don’t. One day all is lost, the next day all is well. A strong man holds it all in. A strong woman explodes.

Find someone who lives or works near you. A twenty-mile radius is about the limit; five-to-ten would be better. If you can’t get together easily you don’t have a relationship; it’s harder to go to a pub or a cafe or just go for a walk together spontaneously. Long-distance relationships only work for married people, for a short time; even then, these relationships are hard to maintain and they are more likely to end in divorce.

I hope these few beginner pointers will assist you in finding a nice girl via free or paid online dating services.


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