Guide To Buying Shark Vacuum


Shark ninja is one of the top rated vacuum brands. It was founded in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Euro-Pro Corporation, Omega Sewmac Inc. They have developed new cleaning technology and incorporated them into their units.

Leading by Innovation and reforming houseware technology they became one of the most shouted houseware brands.

If you are looking to buy the best shark vacuum, then you might want to check these points. Shark is a leading name in upright vacuums, taking the cordless and robot worlds by storm.

Always buy online

Yes, you can walk into Walmart or Target and pick your favorite shark vacuum, but then you will have to register them offline all by yourself. Which is why try to buy them from trusted online sources such as Amazon. When you buy it through Amazon, the product comes registered and has a manual which will help you in understand the unit better.

Fix Your Budget


When you are buying a vacuum cleaner from top brand such as Shark, there is no limit the amount you can spend on the product. However, the search for the unit will become much easier when you have fixed a budget for your vacuum purchases. This way you will avoid overspending and will be able to focus more on features and comparisons.

A budget of max $300 is a good cap under which you will be able to buy most of the best selling shark vacuums.

Shark Navigator or Shark Rotator


These two units are one of the best selling vacuums on Amazon. All the units in this 2 series have an astonishing 5-star rating and huge positive feedback. Which often confuse buyers and put them in a dilemma.

Both series are highly rated, and you should not hesitate before buying any unit in these two shark vacuum series. They differ in design and the construction of dust bag.

Look For HEPA Filter Shark Vacuums


HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate air and vacuums equipped with such filters are better and have high cleaning efficiency. Most of the SharkNinja vacuums are equipped with HEPA filter which removes most of the larger dust, hair, and minor particles.


There are two types of brush roll you will find in shark vacuums. The standard brush roll is widely used for cleaning a carpet. If your house flooring is covered with carpet, then pick a vacuum with a standard brush roll.

The gentle brush roll is used for cleaning hardwood floors. However, most Navigator and Rotator series shark vacuums have the option to switch between these two brush rolls to efficiently clean carpet as well as hardwood floors.

Also, look for the feature to turn off the brush roll. So matter where you are moving the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, you can easily switch or turn ON/Off the brush rolls.

Pick Vacuums That Have Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology


Such technology helps in trapping 99% of dust and allergens in your house that prevent unwanted sneezing and air-borne diseases. It is better to buy a unit which has both Anti-Allergen technology and HEPA filters. Combined they can be helpful in removing dust from around your carpet, couches, and hard floors.

Advanced Navigation


Navigating your vacuum on the house floor or carpet is an important part of the entire cleaning process. Most of the shark vacuum cleaners come with advanced swivel steering with LED headlights. Which is helpful in covering a wide area with less movability. LED light help you look under the Sofa and hidden corners. Their units will provide excellent control for maneuvering around furniture for better cleaning.