Guide For First-Time Paintball Players 2020

If you are a sports-inclined individual, you might have already heard about the game paintball.

You might also have an idea of how it is played and slightly knowledgeable about it as well. But for those who just heard about it, but don’t know how it’s played, it might pay off to learn a thing or two about this booming recreational activity.

We have laid out what are the things you need to prepare before playing the game, the basic techniques on how to play the sport, what are the rules to follow, and some other facts about paintball. Take a read!

The Preparation

Just like any other game, playing paintball does require some preparation. It will not need you to be as sporty as an athlete, but you should be physically fit to engage with the activity.

Playing paintball is not as physical compared to basketball, soccer, and other sports alike though it is required for you to be healthy and ready on the game day.

There are paintball drills that can help you warm-up for the game day. You can do the basic jogging and sprint for agility and endurance, cone drills to exercise your legs, and some squats to strengthen your lower back muscles.

All these exercises are helpful before you finally engage with the game. This is also to prevent over-extension of your muscles and prevents cramps and sore muscles after the game.

The Equipment Needed

If you already know paintball, it is highly similar to airsoft and other shooting-related sports. The game requires you to carry a weapon; in this case, it is in the form of a gun, which is called a paintball marker or a paintball gun.

Since every paintball field is different, some players are required to wear different protective gear and suits. There is this Ghillie Suit that makes you disappear in the field due to its camouflage effect.

Some paintball fields even allow players to use equipment such as mortars, grenades, and cannons. All these pieces of equipment make the game more exciting, challenging, and fun.

Check out the website if you are interested in gearing up your team with this equipment. They have the latest gears and equipment for paintball that can improve your team play. The site also provides supplementary information about the sport and teaches you to come up with effective strategies on how to win.

The Outfit

Paintball is not that different from other sports as it also requires proper outfit during the game day. Technically, you don’t expect players to be wearing shorts or dresses during the game.

Wearing comfortable clothes like stretchable jeans and sweatshirts or dri-fit pants and shirts is a good choice. It is also necessary to emphasize that wearing your favorite shirts or pants during the game day is not highly advisable.

Though paintballs don’t really stain your clothes but not in all cases, remember that every paintball field or area you book to have a paintball match is different from each other. Thus, it is suggested that you wear something you don’t mind having a permanent stain or mark on.

The Safety

In all types of sports, safety rules and other precautionary measures are stated before the game starts. Some paintball fields play a full-length video of safety instructions and overview.

It is essential to listen and watch the video and take it seriously. Though paintball is not relatively harmful, it is still best to observe safety measures at all times.

Safety equipment and gears like masks or the googles is considered the most crucial gear you need to wear. DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR MASK DURING THE GAME. It is imperative to emphasize this instruction as it will lead to any incident you don’t like to happen. Alert the referee if your mask falls off, or you need to adjust it accordingly. Playing without your mask on is prohibited as well.

The Rules

In every paintball field, there is also a different set of rules that binds the players; however, there are general ones that are implemented and followed by many paintball fields.

1. Never shoot someone with a mark

When your opponent is already marked, you are not allowed to reshoot him/her. Once the referee recognized that they are being shot or marked on the field, they are automatically out of the game.

2. Do not overshoot your opponent

Hitting your opponent once is good, twice for accuracy, but hitting them thrice is just too much. Paintball doesn’t hurt that much, but when you try to overshoot someone, it will indicate a lousy notion on you as a player.

3. Shoot and aim with the purpose of not hurting someone

Shooting at a close distance is allowed in some paintball fields, some don’t apply the 10 feet ruling. The rule states you cannot shoot someone within the 10 feet distance and ask them to surrender instead.

But since other paintball fields allow shooting at a close range, try not to aim in areas that hurt your opponent. Aiming at the back of the head, groin, and legs is dangerous. You can shoot the mask, shoes, and back at a close range- it is safe to hit those areas.

4. Always play fair

Calling out yourself is a responsible move as an honest and fair player. If you are marked without being recognized by the referee, calling out yourself is admired by your co-players. Do not try rubbing it off. Always try to play fair and enjoy the game.


Paintball is a fun and enjoyable game that is already earning some recognition this early. Playing for the first time should be an enjoyable moment for everyone by playing it fair and always being a sport. Following the rules and the safety speech will also help you enjoy the game even more. Always remember that being honest and fair is admired by many, even in a game. Have a fun paintball match up with your family and friends.