Graphics Design Tips That Will Help You Create a Great Logo

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The graphics design industry is huge, with millions of people practicing their trade by creating logos for companies and selling them on crowdsourcing websites.

With such a huge competition, it’s hard to stand out. If you are a beginner, it’s even harder to get a fair chance to start because of the huge competition. Many logo designers are already established, and everyone wants to pick their brains on how to create a good company logo.

In this article, we are going to give you a few graphic design tips that will surely help you start creating great company logos.

1.    Browse to Get Inspired

You might not know this, but sometimes even graphic designers need a bit of inspiration to get them going. What you should do, if you’re ever stuck creating a logo, is to simply go on Google and start browsing other logos. This is an excellent way to get inspired and move out of your sticky patch. By no means you should completely copy another logo, just observe and see where you can make changes that will improve the logo that you are currently working.

2.    Color is Very Important

According to Jasa design logo, color is one of the most important aspects of logo design. This is because color gives too much meaning to a logo, and it communicates ideas. Colors are used to bring life to the logo itself. They uplift the logo and project it in another life. What experienced graphic designers usually do is make a version of the logo all colorful and nice, and have another black and white. The former will project exploration freedom, while the latter will serve a versatile option for other occasions.

3.    Avoid Cliché’s

In the logo design industry, it’s important not to jump on the newest bandwagon trend. While there is a reason when a certain logo design is trending, avoid it because it’s unoriginal and not that interesting in general. You can use some elements but avoid using the entire design.

4.    Make Something Unique that Will Be Recognizable

This point adds nicely to the previous one. Making something “your own” is a common term in digital marketing. It means creating something so unique, that you will be instantly recognized by just looking at it. Take for example the Coca Cola logo. Its unique design can be recognized by anyone. Your logo doesn’t need to be over the top looking, but rather simplistic and unique.

5.    Custom Lettering


While on the subject of the Coca Cola logo, this next point ties us up nicely. Namely, everyone loves a logo that is made out of some custom lettering. Discover a font that will be unique for your logo; something that will sound nice with the company name. If someone is paying you to design their logo, then you must put in some extra work instead of typing the logo itself.

6.    Keep It Simple

Not all graphic designers have equal skills. Some excel in areas that others don’t. Those who know and provide graphic design services, know that sometimes the best logo is the simplest one. Take into consideration Nike and Apple. They are both simple logos, but yet unique in their own way. Both logos are nothing special, yet they are extremely well made. Apple logos is, well an apple, but take that bite out and it makes the logo something else. It gives the logo uniqueness and it makes it next level. It turns a boring logo into an interesting one.


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