GPS Trackers Reveal Electronics Recycling Scam

Up until a few days ago, we didn’t really think about what happens to our old electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc. Mostly, people are throwing that kind of garbage out or preserve it, which is strange as it is, but it happens. However, certain independent people decided that they want to know more about this recycling.

So, in the past two years, these people have undergone a certain project of tracking where the e-junk goes after we throw it out of our houses. They came to a shocking conclusion, that our e-junk is not recycled, instead, it is shipped from the United States to countries like Hong Kong, Cambodia, China, Mexico, UAE, Kenya, Togo, Thailand, etc. 

So the companies who are working in this line of work, are picking up all the electronic junk from America and sells it into other countries. As we all know, people rarely pay these companies to pick up their junk, but our country is obliged to do so. So, they are taking advantage of this and earning money on just picking up our junk and selling it throughout the world.


A certain team who worked on this unraveling for more than two years used GPS trackers, which were placed into the junk. It is not known which types of GPS trackers they used, but we are certain that they were of the highest quality possible. Just imagine the signal which is still strong even when it crossed hundreds and thousands of miles.

You can choose from a wide array of quality GPS trackers available on the market. In order to see some of them visit So, now we are back at the controversy. So, the companies are selling junk to the third-world countries, who use low-salary workers who pick the bones, literally. They are digging out the few components who still work or are worth something and can be sold.

A recently conducted study from MIT and Basel Action Network explains how this works.The participants of this research were insiders, experts, people who pick e-junk in Canada, for example, etc. All of them are saying the same thing that the e-recycling industry is full of companies who are scamming the government, and in the end, the people.

If everything in the industry was done by the book, a resident or a company would need to pay e-waste company to come and take e-junk from their home or offices. We were shocked when we saw how it costs to recycle certain electronic devices. For example, the price of recycling the whole computer ranges from 0.22 to 2.32. Just imagine that, so, it is no surprise that they are making so much money out of it.


In the end, we will give you a few more information. GPS tracking chips were placed into 205 e-junk containers or 152 “donations” as they are calling them. They found out that 40% of 152 donations ended up in third-world countries. The other 60% ended up recycled like it was sup