Gogoro 2 Plus: Electric Scooter You Need

Electrification is a huge thing in the car industry, and motorcycles are not the exception. Every electric-powered vehicle gets five minutes of fame and the time has come for this bike to fall under the spotlight.

Gogoro is a manufacturer of smart electric scooters based in Taiwan, and it presents the cute model called Gogoro 2 Plus. This motorcycle features all kinds of technologies only top-bikes can brag with. The brand new seat has been included, and the bike is available in different stylish colors.


With the Gogoro’s iQ System on the dashboard, you will be able to ride more efficiently. Speaking of the dash, it is capable of acting as a PDA home screen. The Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 1 don’t differ too much, and yet the newer model is much less expensive. Moreover, the luggage area has been widened, meaning that two helmets can be safely stored.

Not only is this bike beautiful, but it will also easily go up the hill. Gogoro 2 Plus is powered by a 6.4 kW electric motor with a maximum speed of 90 kph. You can go up to 150 km per charge, which is more than enough in case you want to use it for city driving.

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