20 Gifts for New Moms That Are Actually Helpful

Moms deserve thoughtful, quality gifts that will make them feel special after giving birth. New moms in particular should be given practical items to help themselves during this exciting but also stressful time of their lives.

The best gifts for new moms are all here in this holiday season! From birth boxes to pajamas, you’ll find something on this list that will make your friend feel happy.

1. The Original Sherpa Blanket Hoodie

The blanket hoodie is the perfect gift for any new mom. It’s oversized and will keep her cozy during those cold days or nights when she needs it most! Plus, our soft sherpa hoodies never cause rashes so you can feel good about giving this as an option to your loved one who has just given birth. Buy blanket hoodie at

2. Hatch The Pajama Set

What better way to comfort your new mother after a long day of parenting than with some cozy pajamas? This set comes in pink or blue, and it’s both chic as well as practical. Whether you’re exhausted from caring for an infant–or just can’t be bothered changing outfits twice during the night-, these soft terry cloth shifts will help get mom back into bed while still feeling fashionable!

3. Parachute Waffle Robe

The new mom will be so excited to use her luxurious robe after a long day of work, especially when she has plans with friends or family. The thoughtful gift-giver knows how hard it can sometimes feel like as soon become overwhelmed by all that needs doing in life–but this ultra-luxury item is just what’s needed for those moments where you need some extra space!

4. The Urban & The Mystic Baby Box

Byrdie SVP and General Manager of the company called this box one of her most beautiful gifts during pregnancy-definitely not something you would expect to find!

5. Bodily Care For Birth Box

When she unwrapped her gift this year, Leah’s eyes lit up. “There are so many things that make me happy when I get a new baby!” says the proud mom-of three.” Even better than receiving flowers or jewelry is knowing there will be nothing left on your list after buying these necessities for children—and they’re all just waiting to come home with you! For more ideas feel free to visit StoryJewellery.

6. Daily Harvest

Food and drink are essential to new moms. “I love the ease that Daily Harvest smoothies offer,” says Leah, who drinks one for breakfast every day! She also Recommends sending ready-to eat bowls, soups or flatbreads in addition bites (all of which I plan on exploring!)

7. Helen Ficalora ‘Mom’ Disk Charm with Diamonds

The new Helen Ficalora “mom” line of necklaces is a favorite among moms. One with the kids’ names engraved on back and made out 14k gold, real diamonds–and custom engraving available!

8. Hatch The Back In The Game Nursing Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a great way to look put together while still nursing your baby. This one has an easy V-neck design with double fabric that can be opened up into slits on either side, making it simple for pumping or feeding at any time! The lightweight material makes wearing these types of suits comfortable – especially during hot summer days when you need something airy but also light enough so as not ot weigh down what’s already there…

9. Lelet NY Mama Barrette

The barrette is so nice, we bet you’ll love it. It’s 14k gold plated and has the most appropriate four-letter word written on its surface!

10. Zoe Lev Jewelry 14k Spaced MAMA Necklace

I am a big fan of word necklaces. I think they’re so chic and timeless, with their simple yet elegant styling that can be worn singly or layered together to create different looks for any occasion! Plus the fact that these pieces start out small enough fit into most budgets makes them great gifts too.

11. Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

What’s the best gift you can give a new mom? The answer might surprise even yourself! It would have to be more restful sleep. All moms worry about their babies while they snooze, and there is no better way for them feel relieve than by checking on those little ones with an automatic monitor that tracks where everyone goes in your home throughout each night (and morning).

12. Birkenstock Arizona Essentials

New moms know that getting out the door with a baby is no joke. For those who want to dash without tying their shoes, birkenstocks are an excellent option because they’re sturdy and lightweight yet still provide great comfort for your feet after hours on end taking care of children or doing housework!

13. Lingua Franca Mama Knows Best Cashmere Sweater

You can’t go wrong with this cashmere sweater. The perfect gift for anyone who loves unique, high quality clothing that’s made in the US and customized just how you want it!

14. HoMedics Drift Kinetic Sand Table

What’s better than one? Two actually! The first is this cool little ball that creates patterns in sand. You can control everything from sounds and ambient light to design- all with an app for your phone or tablet (I recommend downloading). And if they get bored of playing around by themselves, simply pull up their favorite video on YouTube so both are entertained at once

15. Blissy Silk Pillowcase

If you could give a new mom the gift of sleep, then your generosity might just be topping everything on this list. But since we can’t always guarantee it for them (and who knows how long they’ll get!), here’s an alternative: Get her some silk pillowcases! They’re so soft and luxurious- perfect after nursing all night or during those first few weeks when baby seems like he/she will never stop crying..

16. You’re a Cool Mom Scented Soy Candle

The unique candles from Tennessee are perfect for any mom. You can choose between Banana Pancakes or Birthday Cake, both scents that will remind her of you on those special days! If she’s got more time to kill before dinner starts cooking then give this hand-poured soy wax a try – it’ll fill up your home with great smells while making quick work out there too thanks in part because the custom lids allow messaging right onto them so people know exactly how much they mean everything without having spend words trying very hard at all

17. Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag

If you’re a new parent, then there’s no doubt that your diaper bag is always with us. We use them for everything from changing stations to dirty cloth diapers when they get wet and messy! A wet bag can be used any time something gets too heavy or bulky in this ever-changing world of motherhood where anything could happen at anytime–it might just save our lives (and marriages).

18. OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch

The perfect pouch for those times when you need a little extra stuff in your bag! You can organize wipes, diapers and even hand sanitizer. It’s lightweight so it won’t weigh down on mom or dad as they go about their day with this handy duffle-style accessory.

19. Rookie Humans Crib Sheets

The beautiful design on these sheets can be the focal point of any themed nursery. Some designs are high contrast, appealing to a newborn’s developing eyesight- which makes them perfect for your little one! After testing samples I found that they fit my daughter’s mattress well without popping off or having too much extra fabric bunching up in corners; this is great since it means less risk associated with bedding changes down the road when she becomes more mobile (and starts putting things away).

20. Greatwood Boutique Tough as a Mother Shirt

Mom’s are tough, but they need to be reminded of that from time-to-time. A soft T shirt with the slogan “I’m Not Weak” is perfect for reminding moms just how strong and resilient she really can feel on her own behalf! Choose 13 different colors so there’ll always have one close at hand when you want some encouragement or inspiration (size XS through 3XL).