Get The Most Out Of Your Dubai Trip By Visiting This 10 Attractions

Dubai has become one of the main tourist destinations all around the world. This beautiful city situated in the Middle-East has become a tourist powerhouse from basically being a desert place 15 years ago. The speed of Dubai’s development is incredible, and it remains one of the highest-grossing cities across the globe.

If you are a tourist and you are planning to visit Dubai, first of all, we would suggest winter months as then it is not as crowded and the weather is somewhat milder. And believe us you should plan at least a whole week trip if not even more, as you won’t be able to do anything if you are there for just a few days. The diversity of Dubai is, and you will be able to experience the Middle-East culture to its fullest. Let’s see what are the attractions you simply have to visit once in Dubai!

The Top 10 Dubai Attractions
  1. When it comes to Dubai Tours, all have one thing in common, and that is a sure visit to the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. It lies at the height of 829.8 meters, and if you go to the observation deck (124thfloor), you will be able to experience an amazing landscape view. The fast elevator will bring you off your feet, and a multimedia Dubai presentation is included in the experience as well. Last, but not least you will be enjoying the views on beautiful gardens and fountains that are at the bottom of this building. Don’t forget to buy a postcard and show off to your friends!


  1. Dubai Mall. One of the biggest malls in the whole world offering a huge cinema complex, gaming zone, tons of retail stores and food venues is sure to take your whole day. And especially if you are visiting in the winter, you will be lucky enough to enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival (January and February)!
  1. Dubai Museum. This museum is actually an Al-Fahidi Fort that was built at the end of the 18th century with the goal of defending the Creek. Since then it was mostly a residence to the government, ruling family and a place of diplomatic meetings. There are two halls – right one includes weaponry and the left one historical musical instruments. You will enjoy the beautiful fort’s courtyard as well!


  1. The Bastakia. This part of Old Dubai was mainly where the Persian merchants lived during the 19th century, attracted by facts that there were no taxes in the Dubai Creek. Persian merchants were mostly selling pearls and textile products. You will be seeing a lot of coral and limestone building that have been excellently preserved as well as the common wind towers. An influence of Persian architecture can be greatly noticed, and if you visit the Majlis Gallery, you will have a chance of enjoying the historical collection of Arab furniture and art.
  1. The Dubai Creek. The all famous Dubai Creek carries a lot of historical significance, and it is positioned to separate the city into Bur Dubai on the south and Deira on the north. Your best choice is to befriend a trader and take a ride on one of the dhows. The cargo is loaded and unloaded during the whole day, mostly arriving from India, Kuwait and Iran.


  1. The northern part of Dubai is a remarkable place. Some of the most famous markets are situated here with – Gold Souk (largest gold bazaar across the globe), Spice Souk (includes all possible spices) and the fish market are one of the most interesting tourist attractions. And in Deira, you will feel the mix of many cultures that spread across the city.
  1. Burj Al-Arab. Once again, every guide from the Dubai Tours will lead you to the highest standing hotel (321 meters) of Burj Al-Arab. It gives a skyscraping view and is especially beautiful at night. Just for your information, a night in this one can cost $15000!


  1. Jumeirah Beach. It would be a shame that you go to Dubai and not enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches that it offers. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous ones, and it is accompanied by multiple hotels, apartment buildings, and beautiful date palms right by the coast.
  1. The Desert. When in Dubai you simply have to experience the beauties of the Arabian Desert and what better way than by taking a Dubai Desert Safari tour. You can enjoy the desert by renting a quad, bike or simply riding a camel. The barbecue will be one of the best you ever tried, and at the end of the day, you can enjoy yourself in some of the luxury desert spas.


  1. Dubai Opera. Last, but not least is the amazing Dubai Opera and a center of culture. It is both a theater, a hall, and a concert hall and the shape of it resembles a trading dhow. The schedule goes all year long, and if you are lucky enough to hit the season it will provide for a great experience!


Dubai is a beautiful and diverse city, and it would be a shame not to visit it at least once in your life. In our opinion, 7-10 days trip will be just right to experience Dubai to its fullest. Once there, remember our list and send us a postcard!