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Get Ready for Back to School with a New Photo ID Card Printing System


August is here and September is just around the corner. That means that for everyone who works in an academic environment, it’s time for that busy rush that comes every year when all the students return to regular study hours. For administrators, that also means that you’ll soon be issuing new security ID cards to a large number of people. 

Considering Speed and Security

If you’re working in administrative positions, then you might very well find yourself in charge of the busy task of creating new student IDs for every new member of your school. If so, then you’ll want to ensure that your school has a security ID printer that’s equipped for this intense level of output and also possesses the level of security required by the academic institution. 

Intense Volume

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Even if it’s your first time working in an administrative position at a school, you’re probably already familiar with how busy things get in the academic setting at this time of year. No matter whether you’re working at a public school, at the post-secondary level or at a private institution, you’re about to get confronted by a seemingly endless line of new students who are all eager to get their new ID cards. 

Where to Find a Printer that Can Get the Job Done

Unless you work at one of the rare schools that has a low student population, you’re going to need a printer of the highest capacity, speed and quality like those offered at – one of the industry-leading providers of digital security ID card solutions. 

The Best Printer for the Job

One of the best photo ID printers available in the Fargo 56305 DTC5500LMX direct-to-card printing solution, which is very cost-effective as well. The great thing about most security ID printers is that the better they are at producing large volumes of ID cards at an impressive rate, the better the rest of their features tend to be as well. That means that this printer produces extraordinarily high-quality images, as well as manufacturing your student cards at the high volume that you’ll require for your student body. 

Promoting School Branding

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Branding is one of the most important ways that an academic institution can promote its image and increase its student body. With high-quality ID security cards, containing your school logo, your students will impress their peers with even a quick glance at their ID cards. 

Why Invest in Accessories?

If you want to increase your school’s ability to promote its image, then the best investment you can make is to buy lanyards that contain your school’s logo as well. Lanyards will allow students to carry their cards insight wherever they go, while also preventing the loss of cards.

Before the arrival of the back-to-school season, make sure that your administration is equipped with a security ID card printer that can survive the intense demand. Get in contact with an ID card printer supplier to find out more.