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Get Android Apps For Free

Owning/Using an Android phone has been the trend of the generation and is stated to stand out for decades to come! One common problem every android user face is to pay for the applications on their device. This problem has been recurring, and an issue was there that created an opportunity. And that just happened!

We will be discussing how the techie’s made the most out of this opportunity.

In this article, we will take you through 2 different ways to get paid android apps for free.

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First Method

The first method that we are going to talk about is about reporting a bug in an application and emailing the developer about it. It may be as well you get the lifetime subscription for free and to add to that, it might just get you few bucks in your account.

Well, this might be difficult for a normal android user and beneficial for a tech buff. You can still try your luck and find a way to get the method working.

Second Method

Now, moving onto our second method, we will be talking about an app that helps you patch any application at any point of time from any Android device. We have kept a note for you guys to know about the consequences of patching any application on your Android device.

The app we are going to talk about is named Lucky Patcher. Its been there for a long time around and it been used by many Android phone users from all around the globe to patch any android application that’s paid on the Play Store.  You can patch a game/app/anything of that sort for absolutely free and easy.

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The tool is not available on PlayStore but can be downloaded either by their official site or any other trusted third party website. We would recommend you to get recommendations from different people before downloading the tool.

You can bypass any verification on any of the application be it for registration to payment verification.  A user can also download an already modded application from the tool so the user won’t have to make any other effort.

Note: As These steps require you to root your phone, it might make the use of the mobile phone illegal and vanish the warranty. We would not be responsible for any of the action and request you to act by understanding the consequences and under an expert’s supervision.

Final Words

Well, on a sad note we have to say goodbye as we come to an end of an informative guide on how to get paid apps for free. Please note that these methods are tried and tested by various industry experts and are cited with the help of different publications.

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