6 Useful Gadgets to Intensify your Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality is something else, especially when talking about the gaming world. Gaming enthusiasts cannot resist this entirely new world. After all, it makes them feel like they are actually a part of the game, in the middle of the action, instead of sitting at home, playing on some of the several platforms.

Considering the increasing popularity of VR gaming, it is not surprising that you can choose between numerous gadgets. Well, if you are looking for a new accessory to boost your gameplay and experience, continue reading this article because we will provide you with some suggestions.

AMVR Table Tennis Paddle Grip Handle

If one of the pastime activities you enjoy the most is table tennis, you can take it to the next level and experience it in the virtual world. Assuming that you have Oculus Quest 2 set, this gadget will soon become your favorite. The designers used the real paddles for inspiration, meaning its biggest feature is comfort and that it will fit into your hand perfectly. Considering you only need one paddle, it is created so it can be used both in the left and right hand, which is something you don’t have to worry about when placing your order. Once you get it, you will notice that it has a red and blue side, the former is for left-handed, and the latter is for right-handed people. Finally, this gadget is quite sturdy, meaning that you do not have to worry about damaging your Quest 2 controllers, and the best part is that it shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two to install it.

Oculus Quest 2 Controller Gun Stock Pistol and Riffle

On the other hand, if you prefer first-person shooter games, you will not regret investing in this set. Yes, it is a set because it comes with VR Rifle Stock and Home Pistol Grip. These accessories will not only enable you to immerse yourself in this world of action completely, but they will significantly improve the accuracy of your aim and, therefore, your success and gameplay. Sometimes, the most significant issue people face is misalignment which causes the objects to move in an unnatural way. Well, this doesn’t occur when using these gadgets. The overall design of these ensures comfort and firm grip, and you won’t have any issues holding two controllers at the same time in perfect alignment.

Skywin VR Tripod Stand

Okay, this accessory may not necessarily affect your gameplay and success like the previous one. Still, it will boost your overall experience for sure and create a perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy. First of all, setting everything up is super easy, and you will be able to quickly enjoy the game without all the hassle. Secondly, this tripod stand is adjustable, meaning that you get to determine the height of the sensors. When it is completely expanded, it can reach the peak of 7,5 feet, which is almost 23 meters. On the other note, it is 29 inch high (74 cm) when you fold it, meaning that it is very easy to find the right storage space for it in your home.

Woojer Vest Edge

Now, we have to discuss sound since it is one of those things that can make or break your virtual reality experience. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good the graphics are because if the audio is not at a satisfactory level, at least you won’t enjoy the gameplay that much. This gadget doesn’t only ensure top-quality sound, but it actually takes it to the next level. Since it is designed to be a vest, you will feel every sound and vibration in your bones once you strap it around your torso. That’s how cool it is. Yes, it can get pretty intense sometimes, but there are numerous settings you can choose between, and if you want to learn more about its features, check out the full review here:

Beat Saber Handles

Since we have already mentioned different games, we cannot skip a fan-favorite one – Star Wars. If you adored this franchise as a kid, you probably wanted to have your own lightsaber. Well, now it is your chance. You don’t only get to have it in your possession, but you can also use it to enjoy the VR version of this game. Don’t worry. These feature soft plastic, so you won’t break anything around you. It is also lightweight, meaning that you can hold it for hours at a time without getting exhausted. When it comes to the controller, it is safely strapped in, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out and breaking. When it comes to the installation process, it is pretty simple since there are only two screws you need to adjust.

Charging VR Stand

Now that you know about some gadgets that can boost your gameplay, we need to introduce you to this charging VR stand. A charging VR headset stand is specifically designed to hold and charge VR headsets when they are not in use. It provides a convenient and organized solution for storing and charging the headset, ensuring it’s ready for use whenever needed.

Once you are done with your game, you need to recharge the headset and any accessory you used. Its design depends on the stand you purchase, but most of them are relatively simple. Our suggestion is to consider Asterion’s Aura stand. Why? Well, it is compatible with numerous standard headsets and gadgets. This can prove to be quite beneficial in the future since you probably won’t have to get a new stand every time you invest in a new device, nor will you have to investigate whether the said accessory is compatible with it.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are numerous gadgets one may consider essential when it comes to the VR system. Some of these are designed for specific types of games, and if you consider yourself to be a competitor gamer, these can ensure you quickly master the gaming skill and beat your opponents every time. On the other hand, some of these are more practical, and they can significantly boost your overall experience every time you play your favorite title.

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