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Free Netflix Account and Password 2019 Working Guide

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There is nothing like Netflix on the internet. This streaming service is an extremely popular choice for watching movies, TV series, and podcast. Netflix seems to have it all, but there is only one limitation, you have to pay to use it. However, if you want to get a free Netflix account, keep reading. Here is how to get an account and password which works in 2019 without paying and stream directly through your device.

How to Get a Free Netflix Account?

The first thing you must be wondering is whether the process will show you is legitimate or not. Well, some tricks are very legal while others involve a third party service. This streaming service offers a free trial for one month. As soon as 30 days pass, it is required that you pay for a further subscription.

Hence, before anything else, make sure you utilize the 30-day free trial. Simply, visit Netflix from your device and fill your name, email, password, and click register. Netflix has a basic, standard, and premium plan, but you should select the standard plan for a free trial.

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Then, you should fill in the payment information form by providing your credit card, debit card, Google pay, PayPal data. The free trial lasts only 30 days and works only for new members. However, you should also make sure to cancel the subscription one day before the due date and you will not pay for the next month.

However, if you want to get more than 30 days of free Netflix, you should consider the following 2019 working guide.

Virtual Card

A virtual card is an essential thing to have if you want to watch films on Netflix for free. A virtual card doesn’t require a visit to the bank. Instead, this card exists only online and the owner gets only number and PIN. A virtual card can only be used for the online transaction, as well as, for Netflix subscribers. As the owner of a virtual card, you will be required to connect it to the real saving in the bank. Nevertheless, you will only use it for a free trial. A few days before your trial expires, you can cancel the subscription and create a new account with a new virtual card. Hence, you can enjoy and continue doing this process as long as you want. It is a completely legit process, but you will have to find a proper website which offers real and official offer.

Google Pay

This is digital payment using Google account which is integrated to your credit or debit card. It is kind of a wallet you use to pay for items at Google Store. Hence, instead of providing your credit data every time you purchase items, Google pay does it for you. So, you can use this payment method to get a free Netflix account. When you register on Netflix for the first time, you have Google pay offered as a payment method. As the free trial only works for one account and one credit card, you can use Google pay for watching films and Tv shows on Netflix as long as you want. Nevertheless, if you decide to use this method, make sure you install a free proxy application which shows your IP address to be different. Moreover, if you want to prevent getting your Google pay blocked, always wait for three days before using the same Google Pay.

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Netflix Account Generator

You can use a Netflix account generator if you want to find free accounts and passwords which work in 2019. The Netflix account generator uses a website to generate an account and password. In order to receive account automatically, you should simply visit generator website. However, only a small amount of websites seem to offer a valid and reliable free account and password.

Each of these methods mentioned above comes with pros and cons. You should select a method which works in your location and situation. However, have in mind that Netflix profits from users who pay for a subscription and thus, it has a way to prevent security issues and free accounts.

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