How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining

Modern times bring modern solutions and possibilities, and today, when almost everything is online, it is nothing strange to earn money that way, especially with so many options available. But the question that crosses the mind of most people is how to make money, still have that valuable free time, and have a stable income. Well, one way to achieve all that is for sure, investing in cryptocurrency. Although some may say that the cryptocurrency market is still unstable, and no one can predict what will happen in the future, for more than a decade now, the cryptos are proving even the worst skeptics’ wrong, reaching new value high, and that doesn’t seem to end soon.

When we solely focus on the price and remember that the BTC started with the value of around $0.001 for one Bitcoin, and look at that value today, it is clear why more and more people are turning to cryptos – the money of the future.

One of the main concerns regarding new currencies was the security of both our money and our personal data. But as time has proved, there was no need for that, and as the creator of BTC said, “With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.” It is just one of many of his lines that have proven to be right, and for more of that and for more interesting news on the successful and influential women in blockchain tech, check

Many crypto enthusiasts simply do not know how to start earning money on Bitcoins from scratch, and they believe that it is too late to enter this market. But there is no need for that way of thinking as these assumptions are so incorrect.

Everyone who already had any amount of BTC in their possession can witness that making money from cryptos is not a myth but a serious and time-consuming business that consists of logic, information, and, of course, intuition.

All these are just some of the reasons why today it seems like everyone wants to start dealing with digital money, especially with Bitcoin. But the wrong assumption is that since its price is pretty high, not everyone can join, and with enough research, and most importantly, patience, there are still several ways to do so. More importantly, it will not cost that much, and for those who don’t like the idea of mining cryptos, there is no reason to worry, as it is not about that. Want to find out more? Just continue reading.

1. Earn BTC by completing different tasks

If you want to start earning BTC without any financial investment at all and have some free time to visit specific sites and watch some ads, this is the ideal way to start. The only thing to do is to do some research before you start to make sure that there is a regular payment, which you can easily do by checking the user reviews. It is an excellent way to earn cash, even when you are relaxing.

2. Bitcoin faucet

Quite similar to the first one, but here, you will not just watch various ads but also participate by completing many surveys on many different topics. It is quite an easy thing to do, which, of course, doesn’t involve any investment at all.

3. Write about Bitcoin

How many times did you come across articles that look pretty much the same? That is nothing strange since this is still a pretty new niche, and there are not so many people that know this crypto world quite well to be able to do so. All that is a reason why writing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency overall can be pretty profitable. So, for those who are familiar with how it all works, know their way around exchange platforms, and understand (at least a bit) the blockchain, go ahead and make money with that knowledge.

4. Gambling

Although it is not recommended for everyone, if you have a reason to believe that you are good at it, then you can actually earn coins this way. There are plenty of websites where one can gamble and try to get some free BTC, but be aware that those who are quite well at it play as well.

5. Bug bounties

Searching for flaws and vulnerabilities in companies system can be very profitable, and those who are good at that can get paid in Bitcoins.

6. BTC tips

Being kind and helping others can be beneficial in many ways, and it will not only increase your sense of life satisfaction, but you could also get tipped. Many notable sites have this incentive where you can get a tip in Bitcoin for helping others with various tasks. What a great and fulfilling thing to do.

7. Accept BTC as a payment method

The first thing to know is that you can start accepting BTC as a payment method pretty easily, and by choosing to do so, you can wider your reach, speed up the whole payment process, and get paid in coins. Those who choose this can accumulate the funds and wait for the BTC price to go up, or use the funds for further investment.

8. Lending BTC

Lending money and getting an interest rate is nothing new, and since the cryptocurrencies are decentralized, the transactions are much faster as no one needs to validate it. If you already have some Bitcoins but don’t want or don’t have time to trade, lending money via several notable sites is an excellent way to move that money around without the possibility of losing it.


Blockchain technology is in great demand today, and since that’s the case, many investors believe in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and want to invest in them. As many experts believe, this is something that will replace the financial system as we know. The fact that there is free BTC all over the net and that you don’t need mining to get it is a reason more to start dealing with cryptos, and these eight ways to do that without or with a small investment, is a great way to start. Let the crypto adventure begin.