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Frank Fritz Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career

Who is Frank Fritz? He was a fire inspector, but he quit that job and started collecting antiques. Frank didn’t fail in the antique collection business, as a matter of a fact he is a very successful businessman. And besides that, he is now also a TV star and a celebrity.

Early life

Frank Fritz was born in Davenport, in the state of Iowa, USA. He was born on October 11, 1965. He went to local high school, but he never went to college. He worked as a fire inspector for almost 25 years, but he always loved antiques and collecting antiques. Even when he was very young, he collected rocks and old beer cans, and when he grew up, he started taking interest in vintage cars and toys. He decided to quit his job and dedicate his life to his passion.


After he ended his career as a fire inspector, Frank went into antique business. With his childhood friend Mike, he founded the “Antique Archeology” shop in Le Claire, Iowa. The two of them travel all over the country, collect antique stuff and even junk, and later they clean everything up and sell it in their store.

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In 2010, Frank alongside his partner Mike was called to host the American Pickers Show by History Channel. The show turned out to be one of the most popular shows on the History Channel. In the show, both Frank and Mike, are traveling and finding antique stuff to refurbish. Frank became very popular because of this show.

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Their shop also got very popular because of the TV show, and many people are coming to visit the shop because of the show. They also founded ‘Kid Pickers’, a website where kids can discuss the items they found. And they also co-founded a restoration company, where antiques are refurbishing.

Frank had guest appearances in other shows, like ‘Rachael Ray’, ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’, ‘American Restoration’, and ‘Pawn Stars’.

Personal life

Frank was never married, and he has no children. He doesn’t talk about his personal life and he likes to keep it secret. He is that secret about it that people started assuming that he is gay and that he is in a relationship with his friend and business partner Mike.

There have been several attempts of the media to connect Frank with many women, but we can’t know for sure, were those ladies really in a relationship with Mike. There have been insinuations in 2012, that he married his longtime girlfriend Jodi Faeth, but it wasn’t confirmed till this day. Also, some say that Mike has a relationship now, with a woman, but no one confirmed that yet.

Net worth

Frank gets $300,000 per season, from the show. But he also gets bonuses when the ratings are high. He also earns from his Antique shop. His total net worth is around $3 million.