Ford Capri Making its Return in 2020?

Nostalgia is always present in every aspect of life. We always want to see some things that we loved in the past make their return in the present day. That is the case with professional players in many sports, musicians that used to make music that we liked, sometimes even some clothes. The same thing goes for some cars.

One of the cars that could make its return to the grand stage is Ford Capri. This company has already experimented with a couple of things. The Bronco car has come to life again, while the Pumpa returned in the form of the SUV. Along with that, Ford used the Mustang to help themselves create their first electric car. Using old ideas, recycling them and making something that fits the modern-day has always been a good tactic.

All of these things are making everybody wonder whether or not they could bring out the new Ford Capri.

Amko Leenarts, a man who leads the company’s European design studio, is also excited about this idea and hasn’t excluded the return of this car.

„Who would not want to bring back the Capri as a design?“ said Leenarts. He was indeed asked about badging and which models that the company produced in the past could maybe serve as an idea for the new projects in the future.

When he talked about Ford Capri, he stated that if this car indeed makes its return, he wants it to be something that fits the modern-day, he wants there to be a good reason and a nice way to bring this car back. Leenarts also stated that he does not want it to return purely because the designer wants their old car back, which is a fair point.

There was even a website that had a great idea about this car coming back as one of the electric cars – a great way to use an old concept in the present day. We have also seen that Ford is not opposed to something like that as well.