Follow our 5 Home Security Tips and Keep your Family Safe

It is no doubt difficult to protect your house at all times from professional thieves. However, our security tips will give you peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

Securing your house effectively and enjoying comfort has never been easier. It does, however, depend on several factors including the status of occupants, the number of people in the house, and the cost. To clarify, the home security needs of an important persona (i.e. doctor, politician, etc.) are much higher than any other individual. This article will discuss 5 effective ways to secure your property irrespective of the status of its occupants. Keep your family safe and keep reading!

Intercom Systems

Most of the time the danger starts at your doorsteps. Opening your door to some strangers may not always be the best idea ever. In such cases, installing intercom systems in your apartment or house is the best option. Such systems allow you to see who is outside and what is happening in your yard. Some intercom systems even give you the option to speak with the stranger waiting at your doorstep. A great way to find out what your guest wants before letting them in.


In addition to intercom systems, CCTV cameras are another efficient way to protect your home from danger. In fact, CCTV recorders will allow you to supervise your space even when you go out. After all, you cannot spend the whole day supervising your property. When deciding to install CCTV devices, you will have to first download a specific application through which you will be able to connect your recorder to the system you are using (i.e. smartphone) at any time and from anywhere you are. You will be able to review the recorded footage and control the pan tilt and the zoom on your camera.  CCTV recorders are budget-friendly devices and very easy to install compared to other security systems.

Alarm Systems and Sensor Lighting

While sensor lighting gives you the ability to track activity outside of your property, alarm systems detect a possible issue.

Sensor lightning alerts you when someone walks close by through turning the lights on. The intruder will be aware that attention is drawn towards them through these lightning sensors.

Additionally, it is recommended in this case to protect your apartment with alarm systems. As mentioned above, these last will detect an issue, send a notification to your smartphone (through a specific app you will have to install), and finally, you can get help immediately if there’s an emergency.

In case you already have your alarm system set, it is highly recommended to switch to ThinkProtection. In fact, this cutting-edge technology offers the best prices, you don’t have to sign any annual contracts, all systems come with a 30-day money back guarantee,  and the mobile app is totally free of charge. How great is that?

Smart or Digital Locks

Smart locks are considered to be an efficient way to secure your apartment or house. With digital lockers, you will need to set up a password. Careful, don’t share it with anyone other than your family! For more efficient security, it is recommended to install CCTV recorders and keep the traditional locks. This will no doubt stop intruders from breaking into your property.


Despite everything mentioned above, someone might still be smart enough to break in. Therefore, minimize the damage they can cause and use safes. This safe box keeps your valuable belongings safe and can only be opened with the right password! Keep in mind that safes are usually very heavy, so a thief will definitely not have enough power to run out with it. Mark your valuables using a UV pen with your door number and postcode. This will help during investigations and returning items back to you. As such, ensure the house number stickers are still readable. You may get a new one at Purlfrost.


It is important you always keep your eyes open. As technology advances, new ways to keep your home safe will emerge. However, always make sure that you buy your security devices from trusted manufacturers, or you can ask WPG’s estate security services because they offer comprehensive security programs for private residences and estates. Their estate security solution has 24-hour, 7 day-a-week coverage and response, so you will receive proper support and regular updates. As crime rates double, more and more properties are broken into. Therefore, always keep in mind that unprotected security devices are a free invitation to intruders and hackers.

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