Can “Flat Pack” Homes Solve the Worlds Housing Crisis?

The fast pace of life of modern man requires fast and efficient solutions that will save time and money. When it comes to construction, we can now talk about the revolutionary Flat Pack project. This approach has significantly improved the field of construction. In just a few days you can move into a new home.

Thanks to the hard work of experts, many challenges in the industry have finally been overcome. While traditional construction involves long deadlines, unforeseen costs and much more, the Flat Pack works on a simpler principle. Flat Pack is believed to have a big impact on the world housing crisis, but we will tell you more about that below.

What is modular housing?

To begin with, let’s find out what modular housing really is. The modules are made of steel construction that are designed so that they can fit in dimensional transport. The structural assembly is always concrete and consists of eight elements, which are made in four different lengths.

Module houses can be “concrete” and “wooden” and “glass”, with a classic or ventilated facade, with a facade of brick or stone, or any other material that can be found in the local market. That are basics you should now and for more details click here.

Housing crises in the UK

We must mention the latest reports of experts who say something more about the housing crisis. In recent decades, house costs have been growing much faster than wages. Stuck in this cycle, many people cannot raise money for a deposit. An alternative is a mortgage with a low deposit, but it implies high monthly costs.

Because of this vicious circle, many cannot afford to buy a house. Savings are also hampered by high rents in the private sector. The crisis would be prevented only by the construction of a large stock of real estate in the next few years. The industry is having difficulty with this and work is progressing poorly. The consequence of this situation is an increase in homelessness.

Flat Pack as a sustainable solution

Experts found a direct link between the rapid rise in homelessness and the lack of housing, but soon devised an effective way to solve the problem. This is exactly one of the most modern construction methods, the Flat Pack system. For example, London recently expressed a desire for progress, and we can see amazing results this year. Either way, the Flat Pack is an alternative that is needed more than ever. Since construction is far behind, a much shorter construction time is the next logical move. In certain quantities it costs much less than traditional construction.

Building regulations are an integral part of the process, as it is necessary to ensure a healthy and safe environment. In that case, we can say that this project is a cost-effective solution. The government will meet its goals, and a sustainable option that is much healthier for the environment will be implemented. Thanks to modern technology and carefully selected materials, carbon heating is reduced to a minimum, as well as waste that ends up in landfills.

How much time is spent on building a modular house?

As a counterweight, there is a need in the world for modular construction, especially in situations where the housing issue wants to be solved in a safe, high quality and energy efficient way, while significantly saving time. If workers have all the necessary materials and conditions are not specific , you can move into your new home in just 10 days. 80% of the completed project will arrive at your address. The installation process is so simple that average companies sometimes install several different houses at the same time. Traditional construction lasts incomparably long and unforeseen tropics almost always appear.

It is very uncertain in all phases of planning, as well as the construction of the facility itself. Fortunately, there is an innovative method that saves you a lot of time but money. It is the fastest and safest way to build your new home that is perfectly safe to live in. Research proves that such projects can cause various weather disasters, but up to a certain limit. So, it doesn’t matter if you want to build a new living space, a cottage in nature or some other facility on the coast, mountains, etc. The work procedure is always the same, because you get a ready-made object that is ready for installation.

Possibility to move to another location

Best of all, you can move these objects from one location to another whenever you want. You need the help of an expert who will fulfill your wishes in a short period of time. Leave all the care and stress to them, because they will take into account the individual needs and requirements of each client.

Although at one time it was widely believed that the modular way of building was “architecture without freedom”, today modular buildings meet all the criteria and requirements of modern and sustainable real estate.


However, you not only have the ability to move the facility to another location, but you can also expand it without any problems. You can start this mini project at any time without the risk of damage or disruption of the current design. Of course, even after corrections, you can move the object to the next location within a few days.

Changes and renovations of the complete design are possible and the works also last only a few days. The size of the object depends solely on you. We must note that there are different modules and you can combine them. For example, multi-purpose facilities cover up to 170 square meters, and the combination of different modules depends on the wishes of customers.

Types of objects

This method of construction is suitable for different types of projects. In addition to residential buildings, you can also get a new cottage or holiday bungalow. However, there are also larger facilities such as kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, hotels, collective centers, mini shopping malls, etc. The rooms are formed according to your wishes, as you design the companies that make it.


The price of these buildings depends on the business policy of the company, but also on other factors. In the first place is the capacity of the facility, and then the level and quality of equipment. The final price is also influenced by the choice of materials, specific requirements and many other items. Regardless of the type of facility and capacity, this Flat Pack can definitely stop the rise of the housing crisis.

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