Best Ways To Fix Your Bad Credit History

Your credit score is a summary of your credit history, and also helps to measure your financial health. If you go for a big loan and buy a new car the first thing that the lender sees is your credit history. The better or excellent your credit score, the higher your chances to get approved for best credit cards, big loans or low mortgage interest rate. But an awful credit history holds you back to have a new car, your dream home and rent a nice apartment.

As every problem comes with a solution, let’s have a look at some effortless ways to repair a low credit score fastly.

  1. Pay your payments or bills on time.
  2. Choose the best or secure credit cards.
  3. Limit your credit utilization below 30%
  4. Pay off your debt
  5. Increase your credit limit
  6. Build your credit file by reporting the major financial bureaus
  7. Fix your credit report errors.
  8. Put on your payment reminders

There are innumerable credit cards or banks in the market that offer you to rebuild your credit history according to aforementioned ways. But you need to be very specific while choosing the right one. So, try to dig in more information to find the best credit card that helps you to repair your credit history in a straightforward way. Let’s help you to find the right one.

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital one has been best rated to offer excellent products to all who have either bad or good credit history. Also, it has a simple application process or dedicated customer service. Capital one is also known for offering fees aversing credit cards as there is no foreign transaction fee on all cards.

Secure Mastercard From Capital One

It’s an ideal option for people who have a bad credit history or low credit score and also meets all the standard ways for building credit score fastly. Sacred Mastercard From Capital One is a budget friendly credit card with $0 annual fee. You can submit a refundable minimum security deposit of $49, $99, or $200 and start your initial credit line of $200.


  • No hidden fees with zero foreign transaction or balance transfer fee.
  • You can have the credit limit of $1000.
  • It reports all the three credit bureaus.
  • Allows you to pay a security deposit in installments.
  • Enjoy $0 fraud liability with emergency services

Extra Perks & Privileges

See yourself pre-approved within seconds:

Secured Mastercard from Capital One is particularly designed for people having terrible credit history or looking for the shortest pathway to make it satisfactory. People with low credit history can’t reach out for the best credit card offers but not in the case of Secured Mastercard from Capital One just hit to get yourself pre approved within seconds.

Automatically Consider for High Credit Line

Despite your low credit history Secured Mastercard from Capital One automatically considers you for a high credit line within the short time period of 6 months. You don’t need to deposit more money to hit a high credit limit.

Secured Mastercard from Capital One is a rare offering for the people who want to get a high credit line with a minimum security deposit. Also, it has no clipping fee. You don’t need to pay any annual fee, foreign transaction fee or balance transfer fee. Enjoy all the perks of this secured credit card without disturbing your current budget.

Indigo Credit Cards

Indigo bank offers best services to the people with less than perfect credit limit and helps them to build a positive credit history. If you are responsible for making monthly bills and have a good spending style then you need to go for Indigo credit cards. In spite of the poor credit limit you can easily get approved within no time.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a tool to boost up your imperfect credit history. It helps you to get a credit card in a financially challenged situation without any security deposit. You can easily pre qualify without hurting your credit score. It helps you to keep your credit utilization below 30% which gives a positive raise to your credit limit.


  • It reports all the major credit bureaus.
  • No security deposit required.
  • Fraud Coverage and 24/7 customer support
  • Qualified customers can enjoy $0 annual fee
  • It’s a secured chip card that provides theft protection

Extra Perks & Privileges:

Simple Application Process:

You can easily pre-qualified for Indigo Platinum Mastercard as it offers great approval odds. It is not only available for the people with poor credit history but also for those with previous bankruptcy.

If you are disappointed with your less than stellar credit history and want to qualify for a secured but budget friendly credit card then Indigo Platinum Credit Card is a decent option to have.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for best tools and straightforward ways to fix your credit history then completely go through all the credit cards in the market and do self-research. You can also consider our suggested cards as we do complete research and want to help you in dire financial situations.