First Time in Vietnam 2023: How Long Should You Stay

As a country with tropical forests, sandy beaches, and lots of cultural landmarks, Vietnam is surely a destination that has lots to offer. That is the reason why many people are planning their first visit and experiencing the culture for the first time.

However, the first time is always the most complicated visit. Starting from documentation, accommodation places as well as transportation methods have to be determined beforehand. That is why guides have been found helpful for many people.

In this article, we’ll talk more about your first Vietnam visit. In addition, you will learn how long should you stay to visit all the important places and experience the country to the fullest. Keep reading and find out more.

What to know before you visit

Before visiting this beautiful country informing yourself is essential. For that reason, we prepared a little short list of things you have to know.

Prepare your documentation

To enter Vietnam, you need to have your documentation straight. This includes having a passport that has more than a year before it expires, and an appropriate visa. For that reason, determine the time you plan on going, and visit the closest embassy.

Modern times have led to an option to apply for a visa when you arrive in the county. This makes the process far less confusing. However, be sure to talk with someone who has been in Vietnam in the past to guide you through the process better.

Great cuisine

The food in Vietnam is surely one of the greatest things you’ll ever taste. Their dishes have all the flavors and depending on the region, the food varies. For example, in the northern part, the food is not as spicy as in the central region. If you enjoy sweeter dishes, the southern part may be the best for you.

Everything is affordable

Another thing you should know is that the prices in Vietnam are among the most affordable in the whole south Eastern region. That is why you can expect to have a relatively inexpensive trip while not missing out on any activity.

The locals are very hospitable and friendly

The locals are super friendly and hospitable so you can expect to have great moments with them. They are willing to help with whatever you need, and you can surely learn a lot about their culture while speaking with them.

Consider public transportation

When you first visit Vietnam, you might be frightened by the chaos on the streets. It seems like there are no traffic rules and everyone drives like they want. However, the locals are used to this, and everything functions without a problem.

For that reason, it might be better to use public transportation during your visit. For long distances, you normally have buses and trains. For short-distance trips, there are scooters everywhere. You hop in and go. At last, three-wheeled vehicles work like a taxi which bring you to whatever location you want.

How long should you stay

With lots of cultural landmarks, you need some time to visit them. For that reason, your basic first-time Vietnam trip should not be shorter than ten days. In case you plan on visiting the monuments and still have a couple of days spare for relaxing on the beach, you better extend your trip to fourteen or fifteen days.

If you plan on visiting only the southern or the northern region, one week should be enough to visit all the landmarks there. Just be careful about the period of your visit since you want to catch the best weather possible which is usually during our winter months.

What to do

Although you get to choose what to do, it is important to visit some of the best monuments Vietnam has to offer. That is the reason why we prepared a short list of things not to miss during your trip.

Visit the ancient landscapes

Halong Bay should be one of the places you should not miss. This landscape has been shown in various Vietnamese art pieces, and it is recognized by UNESCO. If you are looking for the best thing to do in Halong Bay, check out this link.

To fully enjoy Halong Bay, there are various activities for you to consider. If you want to relax, taking a cruise ship can be one of the options. If you are being more adventurous, scuba diving or having an aerial glance of the place with a helicopter is surely a choice.

Go inside the largest cave in the world

In the region of central Vietnam is the largest cave in the world which should indicate that you must visit this place. In addition to the mystery that caves offer, there are lots of tunnels and smaller caves that are yet to be explored.

The God’s hands bridge is a place you must see

As one of the most interesting bridges in the world, visiting the God’s hands monument is surely one of the things to consider. It is built over a kilometer above the ground and is held by hands from both sides of the bridge from where it got its name. When the fog appears, you surely get a sensation like walking in the sky.

Explore the floating market

The floating market is located inside Vietnam’s largest delta. Besides the beautiful landscapes and scenery around the market, you can get your hands on various types of fruits you cannot find anywhere in the world. This is the reason why this is one of the places that attract so many tourists annually.

Watersport activities

Lastly, we have the beaches and the watersport activities that most people are in love with. Some people can simply relax at the beach and enjoy their time with a cocktail of choice. However, others love the adrenaline that surfing or kiteboarding offers.

Luckily, Mui Ne is a place in Vietnam that offers great conditions for both groups of people. Rainfall is generally rare, and sunny days are almost constant. For that reason, visiting Vietnam during the winter months is a great moment to enjoy the sun and relax as much as you can.