7 Tips for Finding the Best Moving Company – 2021 Guide

Thousands of people move every day across the globe, while millions do it on a yearly basis. It might seem easy from far away, putting your things into boxes, loading them onto trucks, and simply going from one place to another. It actually is if you are in the hands of professionals. To have the moving transition go as smoothly as possible, you need to put yourself in the right hands. When it comes to big life decisions such as moving from one city to another or from one state to another, you want it to go swiftly from the start. You’ll have it this way by hiring the right people. We are here to help you do precisely this by giving you the seven tips for finding the best moving company – 2021 guide. Follow our advice, and start your new adventure on the right foot.


The first sign that you’re dealing with professionals will be that they’re taking the inventory of all of your belongings. In most cases, they’ll do this in person, on the spot, while some companies tend to do this virtually with your cooperation. Once they’re on the site, you’ll know that you have the right guys when you see them going through all drawers, garages, or bookcases, searching for something that might have been left behind. They’ll also measure all of your belongings before loading them up, making sure everything adds up. Most companies base their price on the weight of your things. You need to be the one doing this with them, making sure everything is in order. After all, it is in your best interest to do this part the right way.

Thorough Walk-Through

Before you hire a particular company, you need to check their pulse, so to say. Most companies do a thorough walk-through before they take on a job. Someone in a rush to take your moving on themselves without doing this first isn’t doing a good job. A reputable company will have its employee asking questions about your location, the place you’re going to, the weight of the things, moving date, and similar information. All of this is essential for a flawless relocation, and you need to be asked this by a company you’re about to hire.

Check How Long the Company Has Been in Business

We are not saying that new companies are not good at what they do, but when it comes to moving, you want to hire someone with a good reputation. If the company you’re talking with is young, it also means they inexperienced, which puts a cloud of doubt over their ability to do the job right. If you are moving out of state, the best route to go is to hire someone who is on the market for a while now. To do this business as it should, companies need decades of experience. If you are not sure where to go and who to pick for your relocation, good people from could be of help. This is precisely the type of service they’re offering. You can benefit significantly by seeking heir help.

Avoid Paying Large Deposit

Another sign that you’re dealing with a company that you can trust is that they won’t be asking for a lot of money in advance. In most cases, you won’t be asked to pay anything in advance. It is a safer bet to pay what you owe once your things are delivered. If you pay something in advance, things can quickly take an u-turn. By holding onto your cash, you’ll also be having control over the delivery. They’ll be sure to be on time, to deliver the goods, and receive their payment. If you still decide to make an advanced payment, be sure to use a credit card and leave an electronic trace of the charge. Money on hands shouldn’t even be considered.

Name Switch is Suspicious

A company that switches in between names is not what you should be looking for. Unfortunately, many companies operate this way. They do it in an attempt to avoid the assessment of the Better Business Bureau. This is why you should only cooperate with your local company. Having a nearby address should give you a vote of confidence. Information such as the license and insurance of an individual company should be publicly accessible, and you need to check them out. If you contact them by phone, make sure to ask the employee on the phone the full company name. This is the info they should know at all times of the day. If they stutter, something is wrong – do not strike a deal with them.

Get References

These days this shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks to the Internet, today, every company has a website and a review section. There you can read what their previous customers had to say about their experience with the named company. Yes, these days, those reviews can be removed or altered if they’re negative, but you should check them out nonetheless. Those left on Google reviews are more reliable and are not subject to alterations. If you want to go the safer route, you can ask your friends and family if they could recommend a company to do your moving. What’s even better, you can talk about this with your movers. Ask them who were their previous customers. If they did a good job, they’d have nothing to hide. You’ll need to be direct to get the right references.

Avoid a Blank Moving Contract

Don’t ever, under any circumstance, sign a blank contract. It would be best if you had everything in writing. You do not want to find yourself in a situation that you have to pay extra fees before receiving your things. Additional fees and all the estimations regarding the move need to be on paper before your belongings start moving. Also, part of the contract needs to be your inventory. This is the only way to ensure that the things you sent reach their destination.