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Finalists of America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019

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On 11th February, during America’s Got Talent: The Champions finale, one act will be crowned the winner. Take a look at the 12 performances that earned finalists their spots in the finale.

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Susan Boyle (singer)

Susan Boyle was the golden buzzer pick, and Mel Bel was the one who pressed the buzzer with words: “I want to be the woman that gives you something that you deserve.” Boyle’s interpretation of Wild Horses was amazing.

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Shin Lim (magician)

Shin Lim was the season 13 champion, and after you see his tricks with Terry Crews, you will realize why he got in this finale.

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Darci Lynne Farmer (ventriloquist)

This 14-year-old talented girl has an army of fans who love her. She didn’t get the golden buzzer at first but she was picked to compete in the finale as a wildcard.

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Preacher Lawson (comedian)

In 2017 Preacher came in second to Darci, but now he has a chance at winning. He was welcomed to the finale by Simon saying: „You were great before, tonight you were fantastic.“

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Brian Justin Crum (singer)

Superfans granted Brian Justin Crum’s place in the finale. His performance was amazing. He sang Your Song.

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Cristina Ramos (opera singer)

In 2016 this finalist won Spain’s Got Talent. Her version of Bohemian Rhapsody took U.S. audience by surprise. She got the most superfan votes of the night.

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Angelica Hale (singer)

The 11-year-old’s version of Fight Song stunned the audience. And Howie awarded him with the golden buzzer. She was so happy and she said: “I never expected this to happen, I want to thank you so much!”

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Deadly Games (knife throwers)

The risky performance got everyone terrified. Right before hitting the golden buzzer, Heidi said: “You are really pushing yourself to the limit… I almost had a panic attack over here.”

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Kechi Okwuchi (singer)

The 2017 AGT finalist survived the plane crash in 2005 and had over 100 surgeries. Before pushing the golden buzzer, Simon played a joke on her saying: „I’m gonna be honest with you, I didn’t really like it that much.“

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Kseniya Simonova (sand artist)

Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 winner’s performance amazed everyone and Howie told her: „In my mind tonight, right here, right now, you are the champion.“ He was the one to hit the golden buzzer.

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Paul Potts (opera singer)

Judges praised the performance of Britain’s Got Talent’s first-ever winner, but the superfans voted for him to be in the finale. He sang Caruso.

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Jon Dorenbos (magician)

The 2016 AGT finalist didn’t get a golden buzzer nor the superfans vote. He played a magical game of tic-tac-toe and got everyone shocked. He is a decent threat to other finalists.

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