Check out these 5 Breathtaking Ferrari Concepts

2. 2021 Ferrari Formula 1 Concept

There have been some Formula 1 2021 Ferrari concept photos revealed, and the team president thought they look “a bit underwhelming”, and “like an old Champ Car”. F1 wishes to further change how the cars look, in order for better racing. It is still a work in progress of course, as this is just an early concept. Since then, it has been said that the $150 million will not be ready for 2021, but the changes would be implemented over multiple seasons. The concept does look futuristic while keeping the core iconic F1 car feel. It seems it will have a more sleek design, less of everything, and a more aerodynamic shape if that is even possible. In the ever-changing landscape of the sport, nothing is certain, especially the car designs.