Check out these 5 Breathtaking Ferrari Concepts

Are you a fan of Ferrari, or simply love supercars? If the answers are positive, this article will be a treat for you. Here, we will go over Ferrari concept cars, each more amazing than the last. From F1 inspired concepts to tributes to old models by the Italian manufacturer, here are five Ferrari supercar concepts.

5. F40 Tribute Concept

Samir Sadikhov, a designer and a very devoted and honest fan of the original 1987 F40, decided to build a new model himself. By exploring the current styles of Ferrari and merging it with those of the original, he aimed to design a masterpiece.

The F40 Tribute captures the original’s flavor and essence, while it also includes a modern rectangular wing, side intakes, and a vertically oriented triple exhaust. Mr. Sadikhov designed the interior as well, fitting it with leather upholstery and a carbon-fiber paneling. The dashboard sports a futuristic interface and racing steering wheel. Overall, the level of details is staggering and it feels unreal for something that is basically a fan concept.

We assume though that if Ferrari were to build another F40, it would surely have a lot of similarities with this incredible tribute designed by a fan.