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Fast and Furious – Top 10 Characters

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Fast and Furious franchise has been keeping our attention for years since its debut. Until then, there have been numerous articles and analyses about the characters of the franchise. Now, we will try to number and describe the strongest ones.

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10. Dominic Toretto

This is the main character of the franchise and he has it all. He is the one who keeps his crew together and who protects them no matter what. Each crew member is like family to him. He is also affectionate to his girlfriend. On the top of all, he is very just. His fighting skills and resilience have been proven on several occasions since he never quits.

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9. Brian O’Conner

He is one of the main characters in the franchise. This character is fascinating since he went the road from the undercover agent that tried to put all those car racers and dealers behind the bars. But, as it often happens, he fell in love with one of them, and soon he changed side when he realized that not all of them are criminals.

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8. Tej Parker

This is one of the strongest characters that is often being neglected. However, he is actually the mastermind of all actions and he is monitoring that they are conducted as needed. He is well-killed with the engines and machines so that he knows how to make car be very fast and reliable. It is also worth noting, that he was to one who saved main characters of the franchise on several occasions.

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7. Mose Jakande

Wel, not only positive characters have proven to be strong. This is the first villain that deserves this title. Apart from being ruthless and cruel, he is actually a very cunning and smart criminal who knows what should be done, and when. Furthermore, he is very independent and as such he acts on his own and only when hired.

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6. Letty Ortiz

She is probably the strongest positive female character in the franchise. Why? The answer is simple: she does everything that male characters do, she drives, fights, and tries to survive.

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5. Cipher

We have mentioned the strongest positive female character, and, Cipher is quite the opposite. She proved to be one of the strongest villains in the franchise since she had it all: wit, intelligence and she was ruthless to her core. She was the one who realized how important technology is and she used it overwhelmingly. It also needs to be noted that it always seems that she knows what her opponents’’ next moves are.

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4. Luke Hobbs

Despite trying to put Dom’s crew behind bars, Luke proved himself as a very smart and strong guy since he was capable to realize who were bad and who were good guys and he took initiative to give and earn trust and help in the end. At some points, he even had unnatural strength. It also needs to be added that this character would not be as powerful as it is if there was no Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

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3. Deckard Shaw

He is one of the quietest characters in the franchise, but maybe one of the most resilient and memorable. His is famous for his great fighting skills and his strong determination to succeed in what he is doing. His fighting skills and different ways to kill an opponent are certainly admired.

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2. Gisele

Yet another female character who left her trait in Fast and Furious. She first started as a villain but she later turned sides and became one of Don’s best crew members. She is known to be relentless and resourceful. She may be one of the most courageous characters in the franchise, including men and women.

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1. Kara

We will finish this list with another female character – Kara. The mere fact that a woman played a bodyguard speaks for itself. Her martial arts skills and unwavering spirit are admirable.


This list may start a debate whether it is a right one. But one thing is sure: all these characters have made an impact on Fast and Furious franchise and it is certain that all people know about them, which is the point.

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