Farrah Abraham: I Love Coronavirus Season Because I’m a Super Mom!

It was sadly not surprising to see Farrah Abraham having bad moments when speaking about COVID-19, but seeing her call it “Chinese Virus” was still shocking.

Now, Abraham is defending herself, saying that she loves “coronavirus season” because she’s “like a supermom.”

In March, she made many remarks in the face of the increasingly deadly pandemic.

“Everything can be done from home and online, and I am super-pumped about that,” she gushed.

She even added that she doesn’t mind this “because I am such a homebody, and I kinda love coronavirus season.”

In addition to assigning a racist label to the virus, this showed Sarah at her worst.

“A lot of moms who are like stay at home moms or just travel with their kids,” she generalized.

Then she said: “We’re used to self-quarantine ourselves.”

“I mean I stock up, I get everything, I’m like a supermom,” Farrah claimed: “And that’s how I roll.”

“I’m not used to wearing gloves and masks, and running out of Clorox and toilet paper and all that,” she admitted.

“But I’m definitely used to being at home and being around my daughter 24/7”.

“A lot of people have had a hard time juggling school and everything at home and working from home”.

She shared that her best advice was for people to be “always positive! Everyone can do this!”


“Coronavirus season should only come once,” she replied, “and hopefully it’s gone soon.”

It is absolutely surreal to catch yourself nodding along with any statements she made.