Famous Musicians Who Contributed to Our Eating Habits

We might forget that musicians have a life just like the rest of us. All we see when we look at them is the music they make or the part of their life that they show us. But they are just like any person with favorite places, venues, likes, and dislikes. And when they are not making music, they seem to appreciate the simpler part of life even more than us.

One of life’s most interesting things is food, and musicians have their favorite foods just like us. In fact, some of the famous dishes that are popular today have been invented by musicians or actors, composers, singers, or other famous people.

We will give you a glimpse into some musicians’ lives as we let you know some of their favorite foods:

  •    Paganini Ravioli – Pasta is a favorite with all people while ravioli is not just pasta but so much more. This dish was one of the first dishes to use tomatoes in Italian cuisine. Known as Genovese Ravioli with beef ragout, it became so popular that it was registered in the Library of Congress as an innovation by Niccolò Paganini, the violinist.
  •    Eggs Berlioz – Soft-boiled eggs to which Duchesse potatoes, truffles, croustades, and mushrooms have been added in a light Madeira sauce. This dish has the name Berlioz after the French composer Hector Berlioz.
  •    Salsa Caruso – A light sauce with a cream base added to onions, ham, nuts, cheese, and mushrooms – creating a sauce that is usually served with thin pasta or spaghetti. It was named after Enrico Caruso – the famous tenor and it went on to become a part of Uruguayan cuisine culture.
  •    Tournedos Rossini – This is a dish that was a favorite of the composer Gioachino Rossini. It is a French dish where tournedos steaks are pan-fried in butter and served on a crouton and garnished with foie gras, black truffle, and a demi-glace sauce.

    Present day musicians are not any different and have taste for some types of food:

  •    Guacamole – It’s a favorite of Jack White, and he has a specific recipe for it that is made of avocados, dried tomatoes, onions, Serrano peppers, cilantro, as well as salt and pepper.
  •    Chicken Dhansak– This is a spicy Indian lentil recipe, incorporated with chicken, spinach, cilantro, cumin, mint, cassia bark, mustard, chili, to mention just a few of the ingredients. Freddie Mercury – frontman, singer, and songwriter of the band ‘Queen’ named it as his favorite dish and is served with plain rice.
  •    Crunchy Sesame Hemp Tofu– A vegetarian dish that is not just nutritious, but Ziggy Marley advised those who don’t like tofu to try it. The recipe is a mix of cornmeal, sesame seeds, coconut oil, rice flour, hemp seeds, tofu, among others.
  •    Fried peanut and banana sandwich was a favorite of the famous music legend Elvis Presley.
Source: Mtv.com

Finally, Lady Gaga (you can look here for Lady Gaga tickets without service fees) has worn a dress made from meat but she does eat meat as her family owns an Italian restaurant and they have a special recipe for meatballs – milk, eggs, cheese, basil, parsley, pork, beef, and more in the recipe.  It’s not a big surprise that most of the foods loved by the famous musicians are, just like we love their music concerts, the part of the favorite foods list of many of us as well.

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